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Bachelor of Manufacturing Management with Honours
Bachelor of Occupational Health and Safety Management with Honours
Bachelor of Science in Project and Facility Management with Honours
Bachelor of Environmental Sustainability Management with Honours


Master of Project Management
Master of Occupational Safety and Health Risk Management
Master of Quality Management
Doctor of Philosophy (Engineering)
Doctor of Philosophy (Science)


Bachelor of Occupational Health and Safety Management with Honours


Programme Synopsis


Successful organisations treat their employees as valuable assets and with increasing cut throat competition and emphasis laid on human resource policies and practices, safety and health of employees cannot be ignored for the success of business entities. Employers are being called upon to strengthen the need to better equip themselves with tools that effectively guard their employees against occupational hazards, including psychosocial ones.


Occupational safety and health (OSH) has become an integral part of business in Malaysia. The BSc in Occupational Health and Safety Management (BOHSM) programme offered at OUM is a part-time open and distance learning (ODL) undergraduate degree programme, which is designed for OSH professionals, who are both practising and experienced at either management or technical level.


The program will expand your knowledge and skills in a variety of disciplinary approaches. This programme differs from other programmes, which integrate OSH and management perspective. The programme has strengths in a number of areas including occupational hygiene, hazard management, OSH management systems development and evaluation. You will also explore legislation and regulations applicable to occupational health and safety. Our program incorporates experiential learning concepts with project-based learning and provides hands-on experience, ensuring students graduate with ‘real-world’ experience.


Career Opportunities


The programme providing improved career prospects and advancement in the variety of industries including mining, oil, gas, manufacturing, construction, hotels, marine and aviation industries and many others. There is also demand for graduates in corporate, government, health and academic sectors. OSH professionals work alongside with other professional in the organisation to ensure a safe and healthy working environment.


With Malaysia steadily and increasingly strengthening its position as a quite formidable economic participant in the immediate region as well as the global economic community, we are bound to face challenges in terms of the working environment. To add on with the stringent legislative requirements for in OSH and the future demand for tertiary qualified occupational health and safety professionals is expected to be high.


This programme is recognized by DOSH as continous education programme (CEP) for Registered Safety and Health Officer.


Entry Requirements


Normal Entry


Passed SPM/SPMV/MCE or equivalent with 2 credits; AND
Passed STPM/HSC or equivalent with at least 2 principals (CGPA 2.00); OR
Passed a recognized Diploma in related field; OR
Passed a Foundation/Matriculation certficate in related fields; OR
Other qualifications with equivalent.




Flexible Entry


Malaysian Citizen AND
Be at least 21 years old on 1st of January (application year); AND
Passed at least PMR or equivalent; AND
Possess prior learning experience and / or knowledge relevant to the programme applied; AND
Passed Flexible Entry Assessment;




* Registration Fee and Matric Card included into 1st semester


  Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6
Sem 1 RM1104 RM1656 RM1656 RM1656 RM1656 -
Sem 2 RM1656 RM1656 RM1656 RM1656 RM1104 -
Sem 3 RM1656 RM1656 RM1656 RM1656 - -
Total RM22,080


Special 40% Discount for Senior Citizens aged 60 years and above & OKU




Full settlement of semester fees before the commencement of first tutorial will be entitled to 5% discount.
The total fees quoted are based on the minimum expected period to successfully complete the programme
Examination fees vary and subject to change based on its format.
The University reserves the right to revise the fees without prior notice.


Programme Structure

MPU Courses
Subject Name Credit Hours


University Courses
Subject Name Credit Hours
Learning Skill for Open Distance Learners 3
English for Written Communications 3
English for Oral Communications 3
English for Workplace Communications 3
Professional Ethics 3


Basic Courses
Subject Name Credit Hours
Principles of Management 3
Introduction to Communication 3
Basic Concepts of Information Technology 3
Thinking Skills & Problem Solving 3


Core Courses
Subject Name Credit Hours
Occupational Safety and Health Management 3
OSH Legislations 3
Financial Management I 3
Industrial Relations 3
Human Resource Management 3
Elementary Statistics 3
Project Management 3
Essential Mathematics 3
Basic Science 3
Basic Security Management 3
Human Anatomy and Physiology 3
OSH Risk Management 3
Industrial Hygiene 3
Environmental and Occupational Toxicology 3
Plant and Construction Safety 3
Environmental Health Practices 3
Ergonomics 3
Bio-Hazards Management 3
Food Safety and Health 3
Emergency Response Management 3
Environmental Management 3
Occupational Safety 3
Organisational Behaviour 3
Industrial and Organisational Psychology 3
Research Methodology 3
Project 6