Biohack Your Mind And Body For Success With Dr Lina Hashim

  • 21 May 2022 - 10:00am
  • OUM

“All of us have our own journey in life. I’m here to help you discover what you can do to harness the true power of your mind and body to live your life successfully”. – Dr Lina Hashim

This is the first in a series of seminars by Dr Lina on biohacking yourself for success. She will be sharing her knowledge of neuroscience, which works closely with other disciplines, such as medicine, maths, linguistics, engineering, computer science, chemistry, philosophy, and psychology.

You will gain insights on neuroplasticity, epigenetics, brain reserve, the two minds, blood flow, ageing, and other fascinating facts. You will also learn how to apply this knowledge in your studies, relationships, health, and other spheres of your life.

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