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Doctor of Philosophy (Science)

(R3-DL/421/8/0007 (A6754) 02/28) The aim of the Doctor of Philosophy (Science) programme in OUM is to create an opportunity for developing scientific research skills among working adults in research institutions and industries. To this end, this programme will enable students to gain knowledge in research skills, develop the ability to…

Doctor of Philosophy (Information Technology)

(R3/482/8/0172 (A6083) 06/25) The PhD (Information Technology) programme is designed to produce high quality professionals in computing industry. This is in line with the nation aspiration in enhancing the human capital which will be the pillar in achieving vision 2020. The PhD (Information Technology) programme in OUM create an opportunity…

Doctor of Nursing

(R/723/8/0028 (MQA/FA0839) 01/24) The Doctor of Nursing is a 4 year coursework and dissertation based program offered via the distance and open learning mode. The program is for nurses to pursue their career pathway in clinical, education and research, while honing their critical and analytical thinking and decision making skills.…

Bachelor of Science in Project and Facility Management with Honours

(R-DL/582/6/0004/MQA/FA1334 10/24) The Bachelor of Science in Project and Facility Management programme at OUM has been specifically designed to meet the ever-growing demand from the industry for highly qualified and competent professionals in the area of project and facilities management. This unique programme aims to develop graduates to be industry…

Bachelor of Nursing Science with Honours

(R2-DL/723/6/0035(MQA/FA2767) 05/22) The Bachelor of Nursing Science (BNS) is designed to provide knowledge, skills and attitude necessary to be competent, safe and efficient health care providers. This is aligned with the organization`s mission to widen excess to quality education as well as to provide lifelong learning opportunities by engaging learning…

Bachelor of Marketing with Honours

(R2-DL/342/6/0010 (MQA/FA0060) 01/26) Learn how to cultivate a passion for marketing with an OUM marketing degree. In today’s rapidly growing world, organisations need to employ highly skilled and knowledgeable workforces with vast knowledge in marketing. The prospects and opportunities for marketing graduates to secure jobs at different levels of management…

Master of Information Technology

(R2-DL/482/7/0390 (A9815) 04/24) This Master of Information Technology (MIT) program aims at producing responsible, innovative and creative graduates with skills in planning, organizing, designing and managing variety of ICT-based solutions to different kind of organizations. This programme is carried out to prepare the workforce by strengthening the managerial skills and…

Master of Facility Management

(R/345/7/0815 (MQA/FA5721) 08/25) Master of Facility Management of OUM is designed to train students in the area of fundamentals of facility management. It prepares OUM graduates to be industry leaders who make decisions, solve strategic and operational problems, and implement best management practices in the built environment. FM is a…

Master of Nursing

(R2/723/7/0108 (A10238) 09/24) The Master of Nursing aims to produce nurse graduates who are capable nurse leaders to respond effectively and timely in the current complex health care environment. The strength of the program is the management, leadership and research courses offered in the program. The course aims to: Assist…

Master of Occupational Safety and Health Risk Management

(R2-DL/862/7/0004 (MQA/FA0538) 10/26) This Master of Occupational Safety and Health Risk Management (MOSHRM) programme offered at OUM is a part-time open and distance learning (ODL) postgraduate programme which offers a qualification that provides a sound business and technical basis basis in the application of risk management principles to manage effectively…

Master of Quality Management

(R2-DL/345/7/0569(MQA/FA4355) 05/24) The objectives of this programme are: To equip learners with basic and advanced knowledge in quality management and quality improvement. To provide learners with the necessary skills for them to define, measure, analyze, improve and control the quality management and quality improvement plans in their respective organizations. To…

Master of Project Management

(R2-DL/345/7/0444 (A9409) 10/23) MPM is an industry-driven programme designed for individuals who want to establish themselves as professional in project management field and those who are interested to pursue a new career in project management. The programme helps students to develop the ability to solve real-world problems, exercise sound management…

Doctor of Philosophy (Arts)

The Doctor of Philosophy (Arts) programme is a generic Ph.D programme offered by the Faculty of Education and Social Sciences, Open University Malaysia (OUM). It is a programme that links a variety of disciplines in religion, languages, history and philosophy. This programme focuses on specialised areas where OUM has a…

Doctor of Philosophy (Education)

(R3/142/8/0004 (A6267) 08/27) The multifaceted challenges facing 21st-century education require researchers who can collect and analyse information from a number of academic disciplines — history, psychology, engineering, education, science, and more — and translate these findings into transformative ideas for education policy reform and practice. The PhD in Education at…

Doctor of Education

(R2-DL/142/8/0002 (MQA/FA0666) 08/28) The Doctor of Education (EdD) is a benchmark qualification in terms of researching professional policy and practice in the field of education. It is a doctoral degree for experienced professionals who would like to extend their professional understanding and develop skills in research. The programme will stimulate…