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Master of Psychology

(R/311/7/0073 (MQA/FA5677) / 08/25 ) The Master of Psychology (MPSY) programme is offered by the Faculty of Education and Social Sciences (FESS) as another postgraduate programme in OUM. It is specially designed to expand your knowledge, sharpen your critical thinking skills and teach you how to evaluate problems and find…

Doctor of Business Administration

(R2-DL/340/8/0041 (MQA/FA0368) 03/26) Earn yourself a competitive edge with OUM’s DBA. It is a professional doctoral degree designed for managers and executives who wish to enhance their professional practices and deepen their management knowledge, skills and leadership in business administration through intensive study and research. A total of 80 credits…

Doctor of Philosophy (Business Administration)

(R2/340/8/0737 (A5905) 04/25) The objectives of the Doctor of Philosophy (Business Administration) are: To enhance the research management skills in specific areas of business studies, To enhance the analytical and conceptual skills in specific areas of business studies, and To foster research and development of new and improved knowledge in…

Master of Management

R2/345/7/0524 (A10726) 07/24) The objectives of the Master of Management are to: Identify and develop critical success factors of successfully managed excellent organisations Integrate your managerial knowledge to manage your organisations more efficiently and effectively Develop your analytical and decision-making skills in your professional development. In the highly competitive business…

Master of Business Administration

(R2-DL/340/7/0042 (A10099) 03/24) Now offering Healthcare Management, a new major beginning the September 2020 intake. The objectives of the Master of Business Administration (MBA) are to: Enhance students managerial competencies and improve knowledge on current managerial practices and theory; Sharpens students analytical, numerical and conceptual skills; Improve students employability and…

Master of Human Resource Management

(R2-DL/345/7/0445 (A9398) 10/23) The objectives of the Master in Human Resource Management are to: To develop an understanding of theory and practice in the overall human resource management areas; To help students prepare effectively, through broadening their knowledge, skills and ability for a career as human resource specialists; To inculcate…

Bachelor of Business Administration with Honours

(R2-DL/345/6/1064 (A8369) 10/22) The Bachelor in Business Administration (Honours) programme is designed to equip learners with essential management acumen necessary for assuming managerial positions in business organisations. The curriculum is designed to produce graduates who are sensitive to the changing business environmental influences and responsive to new ideas in resolving…

Bachelor of Tourism Management with Honours

(R2-DL/812/6/0023 (A6009) 05/21) The BTRM programme is designed to enhance learners’ understanding of the latest concepts, roles, principles and practices in the overall tourism policies and tourism issues. By taking various topics of courses which comprises of different but related key functions in the tourism management and business field, graduates…

Bachelor of Management with Honours

(R2-DL/345/6/0045 (A7470) 07/21) This programme aims to meet the country’s growing demand for professionals in management. The programme encompasses various facets of management as well as emerging disciplines of a global and technology-driven economy. In addition, the programme allows learners to acquire in-depth knowledge in selected fields of management. Learners…

Bachelor of Accounting with Honours (Accredited by CPA Australia)

(R3/344/6/0040 (A5885) 03/27) Bachelor of Accounting with Honours (BAC) aims to produce knowledgeable, analytical and competent accounting graduates to fulfil the country’s growing need of accounting profession. This programme is designed to achieve the following Programme Education Objectives (PEO): To produce competent graduates with comprehensive knowledge and skills in accounting…

Bachelor of Human Resource Management with Honours

(R2/345/6/0655 (A5818) 01/27) The programme is designed to produce graduates that would satisfy the country’s need for trained personnel in human resource management. The programme emphasises both breadth (basic knowledge in the various functional areas in management) as well as depth (in the field of human resource management itself). Learners…

Bachelor of Communication with Honours

(R2-DL/321/6/0098 (A9493) 11/25) The Bachelor of Communication (BComm) is designed to produce graduates with comprehensive knowledge that informs, moves, creates and shapes the world of communication. Students will be exposed to a broad-based learning experience encompassing nearly all major aspects of communication such as journalism, advertising, broadcasting, corporate communication and…

Diploma in Information Technology

(R2-DL/482/4/0212 (A8368) 09/22) The objectives of this programme is to produce learners with IT skills which enable them to become programmers, analyst programmers, IT administrators or IT executives. Learners are required to accumulate 90 credit hours of prescribed courses in order to graduate. *This programme is not available for International…

Bachelor of Occupational Safety and Health Management with Honours

(R2/862/6/0040 (A9362) 07/24) Successful organisations treat their employees as valuable assets and with increasing cut throat competition and emphasis laid on human resource policies and practices, safety and health of employees cannot be ignored for the success of business entities. Employers are being called upon to strengthen the need to…

Bachelor of Information Technology with Honours

(R3-DL/482/6/0151 (A7468) 07/28) The objective of this Bachelor of Information Technology (Honours) programme is to produce graduates with strong knowledge in information technology so as to prepare them for highlighting careers as software engineers, system analysts and system integrators. Learners are required to accumulate 120 credit hours of prescribed courses…