Master of Business Administration

(R2-DL/340/7/0042 (A10099) 03/24)

Now offering Healthcare Management, a new major beginning the September 2020 intake.

The objectives of the Master of Business Administration (MBA) are to:

  • Enhance students managerial competencies and improve knowledge on current managerial practices and theory;
  • Sharpens students analytical, numerical and conceptual skills;
  • Improve students employability and managerial career development.

The MBA programme is designed to enhance student’s managerial skills and capability in managing organisations efficiently and effectively. The OUM MBA provides the opportunity for the working adults to enhance their managerial skills and competencies as seminars classes are held only on weekends during the semester. As such working professionals can study without sacrificing their professional and career development.

The MBA programme provides both theoretical and practical knowledge for understanding the main processes and skills that links the management of resources in an organisation. The programme gives current organisational best practices which can be applied to attain higher productivity among the workforce, improved performance and increase profits.

Ultimately, the OUM MBA programme is to prepare professionals with the right business qualifications which will lead to exciting, diverse and interesting career opportunities.

Programme Director of Bachelor of Marketing with Honours

Dr Rose Ruziana binti Samad
Programme Director

Tel (Office) :
603-8913 5521

Email :

Malaysian Learner Fees
Year 1 Year 2
Sem 1 RM6,336 RM6,336
Sem 2 RM6,336 RM2,112
Sem 3 RM6,336 RM2,112
Total RM29,568

* Fees applicable to Malaysians and Permanent Residents only.

* The University reserves the right to revise the fees without prior notice.

Discount for the Physically Challenged Learners (OKU) and Senior Citizens

The University offers 50% discount for:
1. Senior citizens aged 60 and above on registration date; and
2. Physically challenged learners – a valid Orang Kelainan Upaya (OKU) is required.
The discounts are not valid for second time registration and repeating of subjects.
Learners who receive this discount are not entitled to other discounts and promotions.

Processing fee: RM50
Re-registration fee of RM220 per semester is chargeable for extension of Masters Projects.

Financial options: Payment Mode:
EPF (Account 2); or JomPAY
Education or Personal Loan from commercial banks; or Internet Banking
HRDF (subject to employer’s eligibility); or Debit/Credit Card.
International Learner Fees
Year 1 Year 2
Sem 1 RM7,603 RM7,603
Sem 2 RM7,603 RM2,534
Sem 3 RM7,603 RM2,534
Total RM35,482

1 – Fees applicable to International applicants
2 – The fee above excludes registration fee, processing fee and resource fee. Fee imposed first semester only-non refundable . (Diploma RM2,700; Bachelor RM3,200, Master RM3,700, PhD/Doctorate RM4,200).
3 – Financial method: Telegraphic Transfer , PayPal (Invoice will be prepared in MYR and will be added 6% to cover PayPal transaction fees.)
4 – The fees are for subject fees only and are not applicable for research, registration, repeating of subjects and other fees.
5 – 60% payment of the semester fees must be made before the semester starts, 40% payment before the examination week.

* The University reserves the right to revise the fees without prior notice.
**LATEST UPDATE: 31 October 2021

Normal Entry

  1. A Bachelor’s degree (Level 6, MQF) in related fields with a minimum CGPA of 2.50 as accepted by the HEP Senate; OR
  2. A Bachelor’s degree (Level 6, MQF) in related fields with a minimum CGPA of 2.00 and not meeting CGPA of 2.50 can be accepted, subject to a rigorous internal assessment*; OR
  3. A Bachelor’s degree (Level 6, MQF) in non-related fields with a minimum CGPA of 2.00 as accepted by the HEP Senate and with relevant working experience, subject to a rigorous internal assessment**; OR
  4. A Bachelor’s degree (Level 6, MQF) in non-related fields with a minimum CGPA of 2.00 as accepted by the HEP Senate and without relevant working experience, subject to passing pre-requisite courses***; OR 
  5. Other equivalent/related qualifications to a Bachelor’s degree (Level 6, MQF) recognised by the Malaysian Government.

English competency requirements (International student): Achieve a minimum Band 4 in MUET OR equivalent to CEFR (Mid B2) **.


*internal assessment(item ii) ·   Field: Business Management and Marketing Management or Human Resource Management
·   Grade B (65%)
**internal assessment(item iii) ·   Field: Business Management and Marketing Management or Human Resource Management
·   Prepare portfolio (at least 5 years experience)
***pre-requisite courses(item iv) ·   Subjects: BBPP1103 Principles of Management & BBPM2103 Marketing Management I
·   Grade B (65%)



APEL. A Entry

Core Courses
Subject Name Credit Hours
Managerial Economics 3
Organization and Business Management 3
Accounting for Business Decision Making 3
Marketing Management 3
Managerial Finance 3
Business Law 3
Business Research Methods 3
Human Resource Management 3
Strategic Management 3
IT for Managers 3
Elective Courses and Master’s Project
Elective Courses in the chosen specialisation 6
Master’ Project in the chosen field of specialisation. 6
Selection of Majoring
Subject Name Credit Hours
A. Marketing
Consumer Behaviour 3
Service Marketing 3
B. Human Resource Management
Industrial Relations 3
Human Resource Development 3
C. Entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurship 3
Small Business Management 3
D. Conventional Finance
Investment Analysis 3
Corporate Finance 3
E. Islamic Finance
Basic Concept of Islamic Finance 3
Islamic Financial Management 3
F. Project Management
Project Management 3
Project Risk Management 3
G. Healthcare Management
Healthcare Management 4
Clinical Decision Making 3
H. General
Any 2 Elective courses from any specialisations of MBA 3+3
  1. What is an MBA?
    The acronym MBA stands for “Master of Business Administration.” The definition of MBA education and the related research track dates back to 1961 when the American Association of Collegiate Schools of Business in the United States tried to define common criteria for masters of business education.
  2. How does an MBA program differ from a regular Master’s program (MSc Or MA)?
    Unlike the MA or MSc programs, the MBA focuses on the practical training aspect, in combination with practical business experience, which also involves realistic decisions for the actual business environment and management initiatives implemented in the ‘real’ market.
  3. How many intakes in a year for OUM’s MBA?
    3 intakes which are January semester, May semester, and September semester.
  4. What are the entry requirements for OUM’s MBA?
    a. Bachelor Degree (MQF Level 6) with minimum CGPA of 2.50 out of 4.00 or its equivalent qualifications as accepted by the HEP Senate; or
    b. Bachelor Degree (MQF Level 6) or its equivalent with CGPA below 2.50 out of 4.00 is acceptable, subject to a minimum of 5 years working experience in a
    related field.
    c. English language competency requirements for international students: Minimum IELTS 6.0 or equivalent.
  5. Can I use my working experience to enroll for OUM’s MBA?
    Yes, you can use APEL entry (for MALAYSIAN ONLY) with the following:
  • The candidate should be more than 30 years of age in the year of application; AND
  • Relevant work experience / prior experiential learning;AND
  • Pass the APEL Assessment (Aptitude Test, Portfolio & Interview) conducted by OUM; AND
  • Possess the following qualification:
    a. STPM / Recognised Diploma; Or
    b. Matriculation / Foundation (credit score 50-52 credits; CGPA grade 2.00 and above; minimum study period of one year); Or
    c. A-Level (minimum of 3 courses; minimum grade E; duration of study at least 18 months); Or
    d. International Baccalaureate Diploma (minimum of 6 courses and 3 required elements; minimum grade of 24 points and above; duration of study at least 2 years).
  1. What is the cost of OUM’s MBA for Malaysians and Permanent Residents?
    For Malaysians and Permanent Residents, the fees is RM29,568. The University reserves the right to revise the fees without prior notice.
  2. What is the cost of OUM’s MBA for international students?
    International students are required to pay registration fees of RM1,500 and an additional 20% for the tuition fees.
  3. What is the duration of OUM’s MBA?
    The minimum duration of OUM’s MBA is 2 years (6 semesters).
  4. How many subjects in OUM’s MBA?
    There are 10 core subjects, 2 elective subjects, and 1 master project paper.
  5. How many specializations in OUM’s MBA?
    There are 7 specializations in OUM’s MBA which are marketing, entrepreneurship, human resource, Islamic finance, conventional finance, project management, and healthcare management.
  6. Can I choose not to have OUM’s MBA without any specialization?
    Yes, you can. You can have the general MBA.
  7. What is the duration of the master project paper?
    2 semesters.
  8. How is the assessment of the subjects in OUM’s MBA?
    50% of the subjects are fully assignment and another 50% of the subjects are assignment and exam.
  9. What is the delivery mode?
    The classes are conducted fully online with video lecturer, forums, and virtual face-to-face tutor meeting. The virtual face-to-face tutor meeting is conducted on weekends or evening.
  10. What are the minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) students must obtain to graduate?
    CGPA to graduate must be 3.00
  11. Does OUM’s MBA fully accredited and recognized?
    OUM’s MBA fully accredited by the Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA) and recognized by the Public Service Department of Malaysia (PSD).
  12. How does an MBA degree improve your career prospects?
    The key incentive for graduating with an MBA degree is the real business knowledge gained, rewarded with a substantial raise in salary. Graduates of our suggested MBA programs show a pay rise of more than 150 percent.
  13. What networking opportunities does an MBA program offer?
    Taking a view of the dynamic selection process and the diversity of the candidate pool, the OUM’s MBA is a perfect time to lay the groundwork for future business ventures with your colleagues. The realistic orientation of the program and also of course work requires students to participate in new management tasks, to be pursued in practice following graduation.
  14. How to apply OUM’s MBA?
    You can apply OUM’s MBA at OUM learning centers throughout Malaysia or via online at