Bachelor of Marketing with Honours

(R2-DL/342/6/0010 (MQA/FA0060) 01/26)

Learn how to cultivate a passion for marketing with an OUM marketing degree.

In today’s rapidly growing world, organisations need to employ highly skilled and knowledgeable workforces with vast knowledge in marketing. The prospects and opportunities for marketing graduates to secure jobs at different levels of management are expected to increase commensurate with the growth of economic climate, locally and globally. It prepares graduates with a broad range of employment and career opportunities including marketing, sales, marketing analysis, insurance, management, education or in various levels of government.

The Bachelor of Marketing (BM) programme is designed to enhance students’ understanding of the latest theories, roles, principles and practices with respect to the overall marketing concepts and issues. This programme is planned to develop abilities of marketing graduates to effectively manage a wide range of local and international marketing issues and global challenges using suitable marketing tools and skills. It is also designed to advance the qualifications needed to increase their income and marketability in today’s real job market. This is in line with our mission and the Industrial Revolution 4.0 (IR 4.0) to provide our students with an education of high quality which will pave the way to a successful career.

*This programme is not available for International intake

Programme Director of Master of Corporate Communication

Assoc Prof Dr Norjaya Binti Mohd Yasin
Programme Director

Tel (Office) :
+603 – 7801 1298

Email :

Malaysian Learner Fees
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5
Sem 1 RM 1,688 RM 1,899 RM 1,899 RM 1,899 RM 1,899
Sem 2 RM 1,688 RM 1,688 RM 1,899 RM 1,899 RM 1,266
Sem 3 RM 1,899 RM 1,899 RM 1,899 RM 1,899
Total RM 25,320

* Fees applicable to Malaysians and Permanent Residents only.

* The University reserves the right to revise the fees without prior notice.

Discount for the Physically Challenged Learners (OKU) and Senior Citizens

The University offers 50% discount for:
1. Senior citizens aged 60 and above on registration date; and
2. Physically challenged learners – a valid Orang Kelainan Upaya (OKU) is required.
The discounts are not valid for second time registration and repeating of subjects.
Learners who receive this discount are not entitled to other discounts and promotions.

Processing fee: RM30

Financial options: Payment Mode:
EPF (Account 2); or JomPAY
Education or Personal Loan from commercial banks; or Internet Banking
HRDF (subject to employer’s eligibility); or Debit/Credit Card.
International Learner Fees
*This programme is not available for International intake

Normal Entry

    1. A pass in STPM with at least Grade C (GP 2.0) in any TWO subjects*; OR
    2. A pass in STAM with at least Grade Jayyid*; OR
    3. Matriculation or Foundation with at least CGPA of 2.00; OR
    4. A Diploma (Level 4, MQF) with at least CGPA of 2.00; OR
    5. An Advanced Diploma (Level 5, MQF) with at least CGPA of 2.00; OR
    6. A Diploma Kemahiran Malaysia (DKM)/ Diploma Vokasional Malaysia (DVM) subjected to HEP Senate/Academic Board’s approval***; OR
    7. A Diploma Lanjutan Kemahiran Malaysia (DLKM) subjected to HEP Senate/Academic Board’s approval***;
      Note for (vi) & (vii): The HEPs are to conduct screening and provide necessary guidance specific to the discipline of the programme.
    8. Other equivalent qualifications recognized by the Malaysian Government.

*Additional requirement: A pass in Mathematics and English at SPM level or equivalent qualifications (Refer to the Notes (*) below this table.

English Competency Requirement (International students):  Achieve a minimum Band 3 in MUET OR equivalent to CEFR (Low B2) **.

Notes for PS Business Studies (August 2021)
* A pass in Mathematics and English at SPM level or equivalent qualifications


(English subject requirement does not apply to international students since they are required to meet certain scores of international English examination and privileged with certain exemptions)

Can be waived should any other higher qualifications contain Mathematics and English subjects with an equivalent/higher achievement.
Malaysian students using English as the medium of instruction in their previous study or with at least Band 2 in MUET or equivalent can be exempted from a pass in English requirement.
Those without a pass in Mathematics and/or English at SPM level or equivalent can be admitted but are required to attend special enhancement course(s). These special enhancement courses should be SPM equivalent, remedial in nature. Students must pass the Mathematics and English enhancement courses as a prerequisite to related core courses taught in English.
** Refer to Surat JPT GS 1000-630(41), 9th December 2019 – Syarat Kompetensi Bahasa Inggeris Kepada Pelajar Antarabangsa for equivalent English language assessments and score.
*** For Public Universities: Refer to Surat JPT.S(BPKP)2000/400/04/01 Jld.5 (53), 20th November, 2019 – Pindaan syarat kelayakan minimum (Syarat am) Diploma TVET (DKM, DLKM, DVM) sebagai syarat kelayakan masuk ke program Ijazah Sarjana Muda di Universiti Awam (UA).
For Private Higher Educational Institutions: Refer to Surat JPT/GS 1000-606 Jld. 2(23), 21st April, 2020 – Kemasukan Pelajar Lulusan Diploma Kemahiran Malaysia (DKM), Diploma Lanjutan Kemahiran Malaysia (DLKM) dan Diploma Vokasional Malaysia (DVM) ke Peringkat Sarjana Muda (Tahap 6 MQF) atau yang setara dengannya di Institusi Pendidikan Tinggi Swasta.


APEL. A Entry

MPU Courses

Subject Name Credit Hours
Tamadun Islam Dan Tamadun Asia 1 3
Falsafah Dan Isu Semasa 2 2
Penghayatan Etika Dan Peradaban 2 2
Entrepreneurship 2 3
Community Service 2


University Courses

Subject Name Credit Hours
Professional Ethics 3
Learning Skills for 21st Century 3
English for Written Communication 3
English for Oral Communication 3
English for Workplace Communication 3


Basic Courses

Subject Name Credit Hours
Principles Of Management 3
Introduction To Communication 3
Thinking Skills And Problem Solving 3
Basic Concepts Of Information Technology 3

Core Courses

Subject Name Credit Hours
Human Resource Management 3
Principles of Marketing 3
Operation Management 3
Strategic Management 3
Financial Management I 3
Research Methodology 3
Cross Cultural Management 3
Business Law 3
Integrated Marketing Communication 3
Management Information System 3
New Product Development 3
Strategic Marketing 3
Relationship Marketing 3
Principles Of Microeconomics 3
Elementary Statistics 3
Financial Accounting 3
Brand Management 3
Mathematics For Management 3
Sales & Sales Management 3
Consumer Behaviour 3
International Marketing 3
Service Marketing 3
Promotion Management 3

Elective Courses ( Choose any 4 Courses)

Subject Name Credit Hours
Retail Management 3
Strategic Supply Chain Management 3
Digital Marketing 3
Green Marketing 3
E-Commerce 3

Disclaimer: Please note that this is an indicative list of courses for general reference only. The programme structure and course sequence plan may be subject to change without prior notice. It is therefore important to check with OUM staff on the current programme structure at the time of enrollment. For existing OUM students, kindly refer to OUM portal.

  1. Why OUM Bachelor of Marketing (BM) programme is the right choice for you?
    The central purpose of the BM programme is to impart knowledge and skills on the study of how and to what extent consumers and business society have an impact on marketing decisions. Knowledge of marketing theory, history and institutions helps students understand important marketing concepts and principles such as product, price, promotion, distribution channel and service related areas. These marketing principles are important in making effective personal and business decisions. This programme could generate a larger and better-quality workforce that would fill the economic-knowledge demands of the country. Thus, it is hoped that the graduates of Open University Malaysia will expand their knowledge, skills, capabilities and attitudes to higher levels in various marketing fields.BM programmes have been offered by numerous higher learning institutions, local and abroad. However, Open University Malaysia distinguishes itself by offering a package which is unique and which creates the competitive advantage needed by students. This is in line with our mission and The Industrial Revolution 4.0 (IR 4.0), to provide our students with an education of high quality which will pave the way to a successful career. The curriculum of BM will also enable our students to face dynamic and fast-changing turbulence of business environments and will equip them with the competitive advantage needed to face current and future challenges.
  • Who should apply for BM programme?
    Any candidate who is motivated to pursue a marketing degree to become semi-professional marketing practitioners and further studies in the higher-level programme, especially employees from relevant industries, and who is determined to develop skills and knowledge for better job prospects.

  • What are the entry requirements for BM programme?
    Candidates can apply via normal entry or Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning (APEL) entry.

    Normal Entry

    • Pass STPM or its equivalent, with minimum Grade C (GP 2.00) in 2 subjects, and a pass in Mathematics and English at SPM level or its equivalent; or
    • Pass STAM with minimum grade of Jayyid and a pass in Mathematics and English at SPM level or its equivalent; or
    • Pass Diploma (MQF Level 4)/Advanced Diploma (MQF Level 5) or its equivalent; or
    • Pass Matriculation/Foundation/Asasi or its equivalent with a minimum CGPA of 2.00; or
    • Other recognised equivalent qualification.ORAPEL entry
    • Malaysian; and
    • Candidate must be 21 years old and above in the year of application being made; and
    • Have previous work experience/learning relevant to the field applied; and
    • Pass APEL Assessment for Bachelor Degree.
  • Does the Malaysian government recognise BM programme?
    Bachelor of Marketing (MQA/FA0060) is fully accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA).

  • Is OUM’s BM programme offered in full-time or part-time mode?
    All OUM degree programmes offered in Malaysia are run in part-time mode, making them particularly suitable for working adults seeking to upgrade their qualifications, knowledge and skills without having to give up their jobs or compromise on their life responsibilities.

  • What are the elective courses offered under BM programme?
    There are 5 elective courses that you can select under this programme. 4 out of these courses can be chosen as below:

    • Retail Management
    • Strategic Supply Chain Management
    • Digital Marketing
    • Green Marketing
    • E-Commerce
  • How soon can I complete this BM programme?
    BM programme is a 120 credit-hour programme, which means that it can typically be completed in 14 semesters. That’s approximately 4½ years if the programme is completed without any credit transfer, and if learners take the standard 3 courses per semester path.

  • How is BM programme delivered?
    BM programme is run in blended as well as online modes. Online mode means that you can follow an OUM programme from anywhere in Malaysia or internationally, at your own pace and alongside your online peers, with the guidance of your e-tutor. Blended mode refers to a combination of online study and face-to-face tutorials/seminars. Face-to-face tutorials are supplementary and useful only to those who need them and are offered at OUM Learning Centres. This flexibility of modes is a specialty of OUM, the first open and distance learning university in Malaysia. It is particularly suitable for self-directed adult learners who want to upgrade their skills and qualifications.

  • When can I join BM programme?
    BM programme has intakes in the January, May and September semesters every year.

  • Who are the academic staffs responsible for delivering BM related courses at OUM?
    BM programme at OUM is delivered by qualified and experienced subject-matter experts and tutors with degrees from reputable Malaysian universities. The BM Programme Director is Yanty Roslinda Harun.

  • Are course materials provided by OUM?
    All core learning materials are provided by OUM. Learners may use OUM’s myInspire and OUM’s physical and digital libraries to access a wide range of learning materials.

  • How will I be assessed should I enrol for BM programme?
    Assessment methods vary from course to course. Most courses have assignments and final exams. Assessment for several courses is entirely assignment-based.

  • How much does it cost to pursue BM programme? Are there special rates for senior citizens and physically-challenged learners?
    Fees for BM programme amount to RM25, 320. For full breakdown of fees, visit OUM Bachelor of Marketing with honours website. 50% discount on fees is offered to qualified senior citizens and physically-challenged learners. All fees are subject to revision without prior notice. For further enquiries on fees and financial matters, please email OUM’s Marketing Unit at or call +603-7801 1800.

  • What are the financing options available?
    PTPTN; or
    EPF (Account 2); or
    Education or Personal Loan from commercial banks; or
    HRDF (subject to employer’s eligibility); or
    Flexible Payment SchemeNote: The PTPTN loan is only available to Malaysian citizens enrolled in a recognised undergraduate programme. You can only apply for a PTPTN loan after you have applied, been accepted and registered in the programme. For more information on PTPTN loan, visit

  • What are the potential career paths for BM graduates?
    BM graduates have potential to thrived in diverse careers specifically in marketing field. This is because they possess not only subject knowledge and subject specific skills, but also such transferable graduate skills as good decision-making skills, literacy and communication skills, critical reasoning, and the capacity to critically analyse situations in various areas. Marketing-related careers are vastly available in every organisation, which means that marketing graduates have a vast job opportunity in this field. All organisations, whether large or small, would need people with marketing background to efficiently handle their marketing and promotional affairs. Marketing graduates are expected to serve in government agencies, private companies, non-profit organisations, marketing firms, GLCs, consulting services, manufacturing companies, retail businesses and entrepreneurship fields.

  • If I decide that I want to pursue BM at OUM. How do I apply?
    Apply online at, visit any of OUM’s Learning Centres (LCs) located throughout the country for guidance.For info on the LCs, go to

  • Where can I find more details on OUM’s BM programme?
    For more BM programme details, visit
  • Whom should I contact if I need to find out more about OUM’s BM programme?
    For academic-related enquiries related to BM, email Assoc Prof Dr Norjaya Binti Mohd Yasin
    at or call +603 – 7801 1298. For general enquiries on OUM programmes, email the Marketing Unit at or call +603-7801 1800 or +603-7801 2000 Whatsapp at +6012-303 9935 or +6019-357 9074

    Disclaimer: All information contained in this FAQs are subject to revision without prior notice.