Support Channels for Learners

With restrictions on movement due to the national lockdown, it may not be possible for learners to drop by at their respective learning centres to make enquiries or file complaints as the centres are closed from 3 -16 July 2021.

However, learners need not despair as support channels have been put in place for you to get in touch with the University on academic matters and counselling services.

The link below provides details on how to access the e-CRM if you need to make enquiries or complaints. It also provides the list of telephone numbers of our learning centres nationwide as well as how to contact our counsellors if you are seeking counselling services or academic advising.

Click this link to view.

Meanwhile, prospective learners can get in touch with us by calling 012 3039935 (HQ Line 1) / 019 3579074 (HQ Line 2) / 012 3727480 (En Yazed).