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Postgraduate Diploma in Islamic Studies

(N-DL/0224/7/0001(MQA/PA15768) 07/27) The Postgraduate in Islamic Studies (PGDIS) is designed to provide advanced knowledge of Islam as a religion and a way of life, understanding of how scholars of Islamic Studies analyse and solve issues in society. In addition to improving understanding of the classical sources (turath), the program aims…

Bachelor of Marketing with Honours

(R2-DL/342/6/0010 (MQA/FA0060) 01/26) Learn how to cultivate a passion for marketing with an OUM marketing degree. In today’s rapidly growing world, organisations need to employ highly skilled and knowledgeable workforces with vast knowledge in marketing. The prospects and opportunities for marketing graduates to secure jobs at different levels of management…

Bachelor Of Digital Media Design With Honours

(R/213/6/0217 (MQA/FA4791) 11/26) The objective of Bachelor of Digital Media Design (BDMD) with combination of various disciplines of art, design knowledge, communication, interactive content and digital media technology is to produce a digital talent and expert in digital media technology. Graduates who can master the elements of digital media technology…

Diploma in Accounting

(R/344/4/0267 (MQA/FA3793) 05/24) Overview Diploma in Accounting programme aims to produce graduates with the fundamental knowledge and technical skills for the semi-professional accounting workforce to meet the public and private sectors’ needs. The program is designed to produce knowledgeable and competent accounting graduates. The curriculum of the program includes the…

Bachelor of Political Science with Honours

(R2-DL/313/6/0001 (MQA/FA0179) 02/28) The Bachelor of Political Science (BPS) is designed to fulfill individuals’ needs who are interested to pursue careers in politics, public administration or corporate management. Nowadays, many individuals are interested to learn and to be involved in politics – either those serving in public and private sectors,…

Bachelor of Liberal Studies with Honours

(R/310/6/0007 (MQA/FA2719) 10/25) Bachelor of Liberal Studies covers a wide range of humanities and social sciences disciplines that consists of communication, psychology, political science, management, education and general sciences. In addition, the programme also helps the graduates to obtain valuable knowledge in analysing and apply in solving societal issues in…