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Doctor of Philosophy (Business Administration)

(R2/340/8/0737 (A5905) 04/25) The objectives of the Doctor of Philosophy (Business Administration) are: To enhance the research management skills in specific areas of business studies, To enhance the analytical and conceptual skills in specific areas of business studies, and To foster research and development of new and improved knowledge in…

Master of Management

R2/345/7/0524 (A10726) 07/24) The objectives of the Master of Management are to: Identify and develop critical success factors of successfully managed excellent organisations Integrate your managerial knowledge to manage your organisations more efficiently and effectively Develop your analytical and decision-making skills in your professional development. In the highly competitive business…

Master of Business Administration

(R2-DL/340/7/0042 (A10099) 03/24) Now offering Healthcare Management, a new major beginning the September 2020 intake. The objectives of the Master of Business Administration (MBA) are to: Enhance students managerial competencies and improve knowledge on current managerial practices and theory; Sharpens students analytical, numerical and conceptual skills; Improve students employability and…

Master of Human Resource Management

(R2-DL/345/7/0445 (A9398) 10/23) The objectives of the Master in Human Resource Management are to: To develop an understanding of theory and practice in the overall human resource management areas; To help students prepare effectively, through broadening their knowledge, skills and ability for a career as human resource specialists; To inculcate…

Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching

(R2/141/7/0047 (A11464) 10/25) The Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching (PGDT) programme offered by Open University Malaysia (OUM) is a one year professional teaching qualification programme fully accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA). It is designed to meet the needs of those who possess a tertiary qualification intending to pursue teaching…

Master of Islamic Studies

(R2/221/7/0172 (A11246) 07/25) The Master of Islamic Studies (MIS) degree is designed to meet the needs of those interested in pursuing their studies at higher level in this area. It is also aimed at developing specialisations in various areas of Islamic studies, such as Usuluddin (Theology), Shariah (Islamic Law and…

Master of Counselling

(R2-DL/762/7/0002 (MQA/FA0155) 01/26) The Master of Counselling (MC) degree is designed to meet the needs of those who interested in pursuing their studies at higher level in the area of counselling. MC programme is also aimed to produce graduates with professional skills and knowledge in counselling and to train more…

Master of English Studies

(R2/224/7/0064 (A11501) 10/25) OUM’S Master of English Studies programme, or MEST, is an advanced degree that caters to learners seeking to deepen and widen their appreciation of English. Suitable for both English and non-English majors, and uniquely different from traditional offerings, the MEST curriculum is reflective of English as an…

Master of Education

(R2/141/7/0038 (A5740) 03/25) Due to the current shift towards knowledge-based economy, there is a growing demand for highly-educated teachers or educational leaders to manage schools and institutions more effectively. In line with this demand, the Master of Education is designed with the following objectives : To produce graduates who have…

Master of Instructional Design and Technology

(R2-DL/140/7/0008 (A9450) 11/23) The Master of Instructional Design Technology programme (MIDT) offered by the Open University Malaysia (OUM) aims to produce graduates who will be equipped with impactful theories, principles and practices of Instructional Design that could be applied in numerous engaging, attractive and appealing settings especially in an e-learning…

Master of Early Childhood Education

(R/143/7/0097 (MQA/FA 4916) 12/24) The MECHE programme has been designed to prepare working adults for higher level academic study in early childhood and to conduct research in the area of early childhood education. The research project conducted by students will enable them to learn basic research skills in early childhood…

Master of Corporate Communication

(R-DL/321/7/0197 (MQA/FA7193) 12/25) Statement of Programme Aims, Objectives and Learning Outcomes The Master of Corporate Communication degree is designed to produce corporate communication practitioners with advanced knowledge and practical skills, and competent with theoretical and practical skills in making decision and solving problems in real settings. The MCC aims to…