What’s Happening At OUM?

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Why OUM?

Tailor your studies at your convenience. You may study at your own pace, anytime, anywhere, without having to sacrifice your work or personal interest.

Make your work experience count
Your work and prior learning can be accredited for enrolment into our programmes. The skills, knowledge and competencies that you have can also be assessed for credit awards.  Find out more at APEL.

Credit transfer
Shorten your study duration by transferring credits from your previous education. Earn the degree that you want at less time and cost. 

We are everywhere!
Our Learning Centres allow you to attend classes or seek advice without having to travel far. Look out for centres near you.

Learning Centres

How Will You Learn?

“Studying at OUM has been so exciting. I am impressed by the teaching quality and am always enthusiastic about the learning process as it has improved my communication skills. I also believe OUM will help me materialise my dream to share knowledge with my colleagues, peers and friends. The services offered are very convenient: my classmates and I love spending time at the Learning Centre even during our off days. Overall, I’m happy to be a learner at OUM and will never forget my precious and enjoyable time here.”

Fatih Eleasa Zaharuddin
Learner (Bachelor of Business Administration)
Kuantan Learning Centre