Centre for Instructional Design and Technology

Centre for Instructional Design and Technology


CiDT develops learning materials for the University, which consist of web-based materials and multimedia content. These are produced using proven instructional design strategies and the latest information and communication technology. CiDT plays a pivotal role in helping the University realise its vision of becoming a leading innovator in flexible learning.


The learning materials that CiDT develops are accessible via myINSPIRE and include online and multimedia content such as Video Lectures, iRadio OUM learning segments, audio books and PDF modules.

1. PDF Modules

Modules form the core learning materials that drive all learning activities. The module development process is ISO 9001:2008 certified, from training of module writers, plagiarism checks, instructional design, editing and quality assurance review, graphic design and desktop publishing to getting feedback from learners for further enhancement.

2. Video Lectures

These are educational videos based on selected modules that are enhanced with interactive and engaging elements such as illustrations, animation, educational YouTube clips and mind maps to aid students in the learning process.

3. iCast

This contains podcasts of iRadio OUM segments that are accessible to all. Anyone can stream, listen online, download or subscribe to these audio learning materials via the iCast website, https://soundcloud.com/iradio_oum_icast and iTunes.


1. iRadio OUM (http://iradio.oum.edu.my)

As the University’s Internet radio station, it broadcasts and infotainment segments. The content is based on modules offered by OUM. Listeners can also find out the latest university events and happenings through campus announcements and infotainment segments.

2. Video Production

Recording of videos is available for events on campus or on site.

3. Photography

CiDT provides official photographers for official events and corporate functions.

4. Multimedia Production

Animators and video editors work editors develop montages for corporate profiles and university events such as launches, event highlights and many more.

5. Graphic Design

From greeting cards to pamphlets and brochures, CiDT helps to ensure that the creative direction as well as the look and feel of these items properly reflect the OUM brand and image.

Contact Details
E-mail: cidt@oum.edu.my
Operating Hours: Monday to Friday: 8.30am to 5.30pm