Centre for Quality


The Institute of Quality, Research and Innovation (IQRI) supports the university's academic activities through seminars, workshops and talks to encourage, motivate and train the academic and non-academic staff on quality, research and innovation. It is also responsible for managing, monitoring and implementing quality measures as well as managing research and innovation activities that focus on Open and Distance Learning (ODL) and flexible learning.

We strive to improve the provision of open and distance education, as well as flexible learning by:

  • Facilitating the production of quality products that are client and service oriented
  • Fostering local and international collaboration in ODL research
  • Employing best practices in the conduct and management of research and innovation
  • Providing Quality Knowledge Management including the distribution of research products and information through publication, training, academic exchange and ODL media


  • To acculturate quality practices among staff through training and awareness activities
  • To engage in quality assurance services to ensure continuous improvement of core processes
  • To manage mission critical and institutional research in flexible learning
  • To establish an innovative culture among staff for greater productivity and increased effectiveness and efficiency towards performance excellence

Quality, Research & Innovation Council (QRIC)

The supreme governing body for Quality Management, Research and Innovation of the OUM is the Quality, Research and Innovation Council (QRIC). IQRI is the secretariat and the main executor of all directives issued by the Council. The Council is chaired by the President / Vice-Chancellor of OUM and the Director of IQRI is secretary to the Council.

The other permanent members of the council are members of Group Management Committee (GMC). Other members may be invited to sit in the council at the discretion of the chair. The council meets once in four months.