Doctor of Philosophy (Business Administration)

Doctor of Philosophy (Business Administration)(R/345/8/0737 (A5905) 04/20)

Programme Synopsis

The objectives of the Doctor of Philosophy (Business Administration) are:

  • To enhance the research management skills in specific areas of business studies,
  • To enhance the analytical and conceptual skills in specific areas of business studies, and
  • To foster research and development of new and improved knowledge in specific areas of business studies.

The Doctor of Philosophy (Business Administration) is designed to provide a strong foundation in selected areas of business administration by learning through the various phases in the research process. 

This programme is also developed to enhance the expertise of business professionals who are inclined towards an academic career, research related careers, or human resources development in selected areas of business administration like management, marketing, finance and economics.

Normal Entry

Master (Level 7 MQF) in business-related fields as accepted by the HEP Senate; OR
Other qualifications equivalent to Master (Level 7 MQF) as accepted by HEP Senate.
English language competency requirements for international students: Minimum of IELTS 6.0 or equivalent.


  • No direct admission from Bachelor’s degree to Doctoral programme.
  • Candidate with a bachelor degree who has enrolled for a masters degree programme may apply to change to a doctoral programme within 1 year after registering for the programme, subject to the following provisions:
    1. Has demonstrated competence and ability in carrying out research investigations at the doctoral level (Level 8 MQF);
    2. A comprehensive internal assessment by the HEP; and
    3. Obtain approval from the HEP Senate.

  • Note:
    1. The provisional offer of admission will be revoked if the candidate:
      1. Fails to submit evidence of qualification within the stipulated date; or
      2. Does not meet the entry requirements of the University.
    2. Entry requirements are subject to change as stipulated by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency.
  Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4
Sem 1 RM6,432 RM2,258 RM2,258 RM2,258
Sem 2 RM2,258 RM2,258 RM2,258 RM2,258
Sem 3 RM2,258 RM2,258 RM2,258 RM2,258
Total RM31,270
* Fees applicable to Malaysians and Permanent Residents only.
* International students are required to pay registration fees of RM1,000 and an additional 20% for the tuition fees.
* The University reserves the right to revise the fees without prior notice.

Discount for the Physically Challenged Learners (OKU) and Senior Citizens

The University offers 50% discount for:

  • Senior citizens aged 60 and above on registration date; and
  • Physically challenged learners – a valid Orang Kelainan Upaya (OKU) is required.

These discounts are for subject fees only and are not applicable for research and other fees. The discounts are also not valid for second time registration and repeating of subjects.

Learners who receive this discount are not entitled to other discounts and promotions.


♦ Processing fee:

  • RM50 (Malaysian) & RM100 (International Students)

♦ Re-registration fee of RM220 per semester is chargeable for extension of Masters Projects

♦ Financial options:

  • EPF (Account 2); or
  • Education or Personal Loan from commercial banks; or
  • HRDF (subject to employer’s eligibility); or

♦ Payment Mode:

  • JomPAY; or
  • Internet Banking; or
  • Debit/Credit Card.

Part I: Compulsory Courses

  • Coursework (2 courses) = 6 credits
    • BPRM7103: Research Methodology in Business Administration, and
    • BPMG7103: Doctoral Seminar in Management, or
    • BPMK7103: Doctoral Seminar in Marketing, or
    • BPFN7103: Doctoral Seminar in Finance, or
    • BPEC7103: Doctoral Seminar in Economics

Part II: Research Proposal and Proposal Defence

  • Preparing research proposal and undergoing proposal defence
    • BPDD7203-1: Doctoral Research - Proposal

Part III: Thesis and Viva Voce

  • Conducting research, writing thesis and undergoing Viva Voce
    • BPDD7203-2: Doctoral Research

  Name: Assoc Prof Dr Santhi Raghavan
Tel (Office): 603 8913 5537