Learning Modes

Learning Modes

Choice and Flexibility

We know our learners may have their own commitments so at OUM learners choose what and when they want to learn according to their own schedule.

Figure 1: Blended Learning Pedagogy at OUM
Source: Kaur (2005). Integrating e-learning into blended pedagogy at OUM.

OUM practises a blended pedagogy which comprises self-managed learning, face-to-face tutorials and online learning (see Figure 1).

Self-Managed Learning

Self-managed learning gives the freedom for you to learn at your own pace, with the help of learning materials in the form of printed modules or text books. Other learning materials provided (depending on the course(s) may include electronic content accessible through the OUM portal and CD-ROM.

Face-to-Face Tutorial

(a) Face-to-face tutorials/seminars or face-to-face sessions are provided where learners and tutors meet regularly at a common venue (learning centre) and at scheduled times. Tutors/facilitators are responsible for ensuring that you understand the subject matter. Tutors provide effective explanations by providing various relevant and meaningful examples. They are encouraged to prepare supplementary resources and materials for you to ensure that the learning outcomes of the course are met.

(b) It provides great opportunities for students to interact with tutors/facilitators and other learners and get a better understanding of the course content. It encourages you to actively participate in the tutorial/seminar sessions.

(c) Networking - helps tutors/facilitators and learners to build effective academic relationships.  

Online Discussion/Forum

(a) The online forums between learners are monitored by e-Tutors.

(b) This online forums are open and accessible 24 hours, 7 days a week.

(c) You can communicate and exchange ideas with your e-tutors and peers using this online forum.

(d) When you enter the forum, you will see discussion folders that have been set up by your e-Tutors.

(e) Make a habit of visiting the forum frequently and checking on postings from your e-Tutors and course mates.

(f) You can post questions in the forum or post comments and/or share resources with your peers.

(g) Each semester when you register for a course you will be assigned to a face-toface tutor and an e-Tutor. This process is done automatically. The e-Tutors will facilitate the forum discussions and provide learning support to you via online. 

Online learners pursue learning 100% via online. The Online Learning (OL) mode is introduced to cater to learners who are unable to attend the face-to-face interaction, due to job-related constraints or other lessons.

Online learners learn using the online discussion forums in MyINSPIRE. Learning materials which have been uploaded as well as the virtual discussions between learners and tutors/facilitators enable learners to learn outside the ‘classroom’.

Should you require to study through this mode, you need to apply through the online form at e-services>UKR Online>Online Learning (UKR16) for Undergraduate learner or e-services>CGS Online>Online Learner (CGS02) for Postgraduate learner.

Here you are assigned to Online Tutors/Facilitators who will facilitate the tutorial/seminar sessions online. It is to be noted that online learners are required to sit for their examinations in person at authorised examination centres.