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Master of Nursing

(R2/723/7/0108 (A10238) 09/24)

Programme Synopsis

The Master of Nursing aims to produce nurse graduates who are capable nurse leaders to respond effectively and timely in the current complex health care environment. The strength of the program is the management, leadership and research courses offered in the program.

Aims of the course

The course aims to:

  • Assist graduates to develop professionally and respond effectively to the challenges within a complex health care environment.
  • Produce graduates, who are prepared to function as knowledgeable nurse leaders, make appropriate decisions and to communicate with colleagues and inter-professional health team members.
  • Apply knowledge to intervene and initiate change at the workplace for better patient outcomes and effective utilization of scarce resources.

Kemasukan Biasa
i. Sarjana Muda Kejururawatan dengan PNGK minimum 2.50 atau yang setara dengannya seperti yang diterima oleh Senat; DAN
ii. Berdaftar dengan Lembaga Jururawat Malaysia; DAN
iii. Mempunyai Sijil Pengamalan Tahunan terkini (APC); DAN
iv. Mempunyai 3 tahun pengalaman kerja (disahkan oleh majikan terkini).
Bagi calon pelajar asing:
• Sijil Amalan Tahunan Sementara (TPC) untuk program klinikal; DAN
• Lulus International English Language Testing Services (IELTS) dengan minimum 6.5 ATAU Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) dengan minimum 600.

Kemasukan APEL

  1. Warganegara Malaysia; DAN
  2. Calon hendaklah berumur 30 tahun dan ke atas pada tahun permohonan dibuat; DAN
  3. Memiliki Sijil / Diploma Asas Kejururawatan yang diiktiraf; DAN
  4. Mempunyai pengalaman bekerja/pengalaman pembelajaran terdahulu yang berkaitan; DAN
  5. Lulus Penilaian APEL bagi Sarjana (yang dikendalikan oleh OUM); DAN
  6. Memiliki kelayakan seperti berikut:
  • Sarjana Muda Kejururawatan (CGPA kurang daripada 2.5 serta mempunyai pengalaman bekerja dalam bidang kejururawatan minima 5 tahun selepas bergraduasi); ATAU
  • Sarjana Muda Sains Kesihatan / Psikologi / Kaunseling / Biokimia (atau yang setaraf serta memiliki CGPA minima 2.5)

Normal Entry
i. Bachelor in Nursing with a minimum CGPA of 2.50 or its equivalent as accepted by Senate; AND
ii. Registered with Nursing Board; AND
iii. Possess latest Annual Practice Certificate (APC); AND
iv. Have minimum 3 years working experience (must be verified by current employer).
For foreign applicants:
• Possess Temporary Annual Practice Certificate (TPC) for clinical programme; AND
• Pass International English Language Testing Services (IELTS) with minimum 6.5 OR Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) with minimum 600.

APEL entry

  1. Malaysian; AND
  2. The candidate should be more than 30 years of age in the year of application; AND
  3. Possess recognised Certificate / Diploma in Basic Nursing; AND
  4. Relevant work experience / prior experiential learning; AND
  5. Pass the APEL Assessment (Aptitude Test, Portfolio & Interview) conducted by OUM; AND
  6. Possess the following qualification:
  • Bachelor of Nursing (CGPA below 2.5 and have a minimum of 5 years experience in nursing after graduation); OR
  • Bachelor of Health Sciences / Psychology / Counselling / Biochemistry (or equivalent with a minimum CGPA of 2.5)


  1. The provisional offer of admission will be revoked if the candidate:
    1. Fails to submit evidence of qualification within the stipulated date; or
    2. Does not meet the entry requirements of the University.
  2. Entry requirements are subject to change as stipulated by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency.
Coursework Year 1 Year 2
Sem 1 RM3,162 RM4,743
Sem 2 RM3,689 RM3,162
Sem 3 RM3,162 RM3,162
Total RM21,080

* Fees applicable to Malaysians and Permanent Residents only.
* International students are required to pay registration fees of RM1,000 and an additional 20% for the tuition fees.
* The University reserves the right to revise the fees without prior notice.

Discount for the Physically Challenged Learners (OKU) and Senior Citizens

The University offers 50% discount for:

  • Senior citizens aged 60 and above on registration date; and
  • Physically challenged learners – a valid Orang Kelainan Upaya (OKU) is required.

These discounts are for subject fees only and are not applicable for research and other fees. The discounts are also not valid for second time registration and repeating of subjects.

Learners who receive this discount are not entitled to other discounts and promotions.


Processing fee:

  • RM50 (Malaysian) & RM100 (International Students)

Re-registration fee of RM220 per semester is chargeable for extension of Masters Projects

Financial options:

  • EPF (Account 2); or
  • Education or Personal Loan from commercial banks; or
  • HRDF (subject to employer’s eligibility); or

Payment Mode:

  • JomPAY; or
  • Internet Banking; or
  • Debit/Credit Card.
Core Courses
Subject Name Credit Hours
Nursing Models and Development 3
Research Methodology 4
Reflection in Nursing 4
Healthcare Management 4
Clinical Decision Making 3
Advanced Nursing Health Assessment 3
Advanced Nursing Leadership & Management 4
Statistical Analysis 3
Trends and Issues in Nursing 3
Research Proposal 3
Research Project Paper 6

Master Of Nursing (MN) Faqs

  1. I am interested in learning more about the application process for the MN programme. Where can I receive more information?
    Great! We encourage you to log-in to OUM website at 
  2. Can I pick a specialty in the MN programme?
    No, this is a generalist programme.

  3. How long will it take to complete the MN programme?
    The MN degree requires a minimum of 40 credits consisting of different combinations of courses components: Nursing, Management and Research. Courses are offered during the three semesters a year which begin in January, May and September. Each student progresses at their own pace. Majority of the students are able to arrange their work schedules, family obligations and other commitments to take two courses per semester. The scheduled length of time to completion of the MN is 6 semesters (2 years). The maximum time allowed is 8 semesters.

  4. Do you conduct interviews for the MN programme?
    No, we do not conduct interviews. The admission committee carefully reviews each applicant’s personal statement, required academic certificates, verification of working experiences by the current employer, and the medical clearance, instead.

  5. Is MN programme offered in full-time or part-time mode?
    All OUM degrees programmes offered in Malaysia are run in part-time mode, making them particularly suitable for working adults seeking to upgrade their qualifications, knowledge and skills without having to give up their jobs or compromise on their life responsibilities.

  6. What is the minimum recommended CGPA for the entry requirement to this programme? Do I still have a chance of being accepted if my CGPA is under the requirement?
    The preferred CGPA is 2.5 or above. Applicants with a CGPA of lower than 2.5 will not be considered for normal entry, but they are given an opportunity to apply via APEL. Please visit our page on APEL for further information and instructions.

  7. I am finishing my bachelor’s degree in August; can I immediately apply for September semester to enter the MN program following my graduation?
    No. Unfortunately, we require that your undergraduate degree be conferred no later than the application deadline, which is typically latest by December.

  8. What is the uniqueness and value-added perspectives of the MN programme?
    Opportunely, when you enrolled to MN programme you will experience new learning perspectives that brings you focus to your potentials and strengths in leadership, research, digital and reflection.

  9. Can I defer any of the semesters?
    Yes, you can but making sure not more than 3 semesters or one year; except when you have registered for research project.

  10. How is the MN programme delivered?
    MN programme runs in online as well as blended modes.
    Online mode means that you can follow an OUM programme from anywhere in Malaysia, at your own pace and alongside your online peers, with the guidance of your e-tutor. In this mode, you need not attend face-to-face seminars, unless you want or are able to.
    Blended mode refers to a combination of online study and face-to-face seminars. Face-to-face seminars are supplementary, and useful only to those who need them. Face-to-face seminars for MN programme are offered only at Petaling Jaya Learning Centre.
    This flexibility of modes is a specialty of OUM, the first open and distance learning (ODL) university in Malaysia. It is particularly suitable for self-directed adult learners who want to upgrade their skills and qualifications on a part-time basis without having to give up work and other life commitments.
  11. Are course materials provided by OUM?
    All core learning materials are provided or made available for library loan. They include e-Books, study guides, and AV files. Learners may also use OUM’s physical and digital libraries to access a wide range of learning materials.

  12. What is the goal of this MN programme?
    The strand of this programme is “Harnessing your Nursing Potentials, Extending your Horizon at OUM”.
    The Goal of this programme is:

    • Your potentials will generate for becoming a professional nursing leader who responds well to an increasingly complex healthcare environment.
    • The horizon of your competencies and leadership skills will be extending locally and globally through credible evidence-based research.
  13. Whom should I contact if I need to find out more about MN programme?
    For academic-related enquiries, email AP Saedah Muda at or call +60-3-79411621 or +60-199320897.
    For general enquiries on OUM programmes, email the Marketing Unit at or call +60-3-780111906. *All information contained in this FAQ are subject to revision without prior notice.
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