Flexibility of Online Learning

Adult learners often have less time and less flexibility in their schedules. Throw family obligations into the mix and completing a degree can seem impossible.

This is where online learning can help. The ability to take up a degree or diploma without going into a classroom can prove priceless. When you work full time, raise a family, take care of a home, and try to have a social life, online learning can be the perfect solution to balance all your other responsibilities while you pursue your degree.

Just look at these benefits:

1. Study Whenever You Wish

Online learning can be done anytime, anywhere. You can watch e-tutorials, complete your coursework and do assignments at a date and time that is convenient for you. If you like to learn early in the morning, during a lunch break, or late at night, you can, as long as you have access to the Internet.

2. Learn at Your Own Pace

Some parts of any course will be easy for you, while others will be more challenging. You can view course materials as many times as you want and zero in on subjects that require more attention. You can also have more time to think about and analyse course contents before answering assessment questions.

3. Use Various Learning Materials

Instead of just depending on tutorial notes, you can learn through course contents that include lots of visuals, links to articles, videos, and interactive exercises. There will be suggestions on additional information about particular topics to fine-tune your knowledge.

4. Communicate with Your Lecturers

Sometimes it can be a challenge to meet with a busy lecturer in person. Instead, you can email and use the online discussion forum to get your questions answered.

5. Learn and Network with Other Students

You might think that online learning will be lonely but that’s far from true. Instead, you’ll soon find yourself in study groups to prepare for a test or complete a group project. You can even use social media to swap ideas and exchange info.

6. Avoid Fear of Failure in Public

If you are nervous about going back to school because you’re afraid you won’t be able to keep up with other students, online learning will allow you to work more at your own pace. Your progress will only be visible to your lecturers and they will always be available to help.

Most people entering the workforce today will likely hold a dozen different positions in several different fields over their work life. Professional development and certification of knowledge and skills is essential for your advancement in the rapidly changing workforce. Thus, online learning is the pathway for you to acquire tools and abilities for new positions and careers.

A total of 54 programmes are available in fully online mode at Open University Malaysia (OUM), which is the university of choice for working adults in the country. Although you will be learning from your own home, you will also have support and assistance from one of the 35 learning centres located throughout the country that is nearest to you.

OUM is unique in that while it is a private university, it is also headed by a consortium of the first 11 public universities in Malaysia, METEOR Sdn Bhd. This special position allows it to leverage on the prestige and capabilities of the public universities.

For information on OUM programmes, call the speedline at 03-7801 2000, e-mail enquiries@oum.edu.my or visit www.oum.edu.my.