Degrees that are recognised and respected worldwide

Our programmes cover a wide range of disciplines and are accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA). Many of these programmes are also offered by international universities, which is further proof of the OUM quality.

Doctor of Philosophy (Science)

(R3-DL/421/8/0007 (A6754) 02/28) The aim of the Doctor of Philosophy (Science) programme in OUM is to create an opportunity for developing scientific research skills among working adults in research institutions and industries. To this end, this programme will enable students to gain knowledge in research skills, develop the ability to…
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Doctor of Philosophy (Information Technology)

(R3/482/8/0172 (A6083) 06/25) The PhD (Information Technology) programme is designed to produce high quality professionals in computing industry. This is in line with the nation aspiration in enhancing the human capital which will be the pillar in achieving vision 2020. The PhD (Information Technology) programme in OUM create an opportunity…
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Doctor of Nursing

(R/723/8/0028 (MQA/FA0839) 01/24) The Doctor of Nursing is a 4 year coursework and dissertation based program offered via the distance and open learning mode. The program is for nurses to pursue their career pathway in clinical, education and research, while honing their critical and analytical thinking and decision making skills.…
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Bachelor of Science in Project and Facility Management with Honours

(R-DL/582/6/0004/MQA/FA1334 10/24) The Bachelor of Science in Project and Facility Management programme at OUM has been specifically designed to meet the ever-growing demand from the industry for highly qualified and competent professionals in the area of project and facilities management. This unique programme aims to develop graduates to be industry…
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Bachelor of Nursing Science with Honours

(R2-DL/723/6/0035(MQA/FA2767) 05/22) The Bachelor of Nursing Science (BNS) is designed to provide knowledge, skills and attitude necessary to be competent, safe and efficient health care providers. This is aligned with the organization`s mission to widen excess to quality education as well as to provide lifelong learning opportunities by engaging learning…
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Bachelor of Marketing with Honours

(R2-DL/342/6/0010 (MQA/FA0060) 01/26) Learn how to cultivate a passion for marketing with an OUM marketing degree. In today’s rapidly growing world, organisations need to employ highly skilled and knowledgeable workforces with vast knowledge in marketing. The prospects and opportunities for marketing graduates to secure jobs at different levels of management…
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Master of Information Technology

(R2-DL/482/7/0390 (A9815) 04/24) This Master of Information Technology (MIT) program aims at producing responsible, innovative and creative graduates with skills in planning, organizing, designing and managing variety of ICT-based solutions to different kind of organizations. This programme is carried out to prepare the workforce by strengthening the managerial skills and…
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Master of Facility Management

(R/345/7/0815 (MQA/FA5721) 08/25) Master of Facility Management of OUM is designed to train students in the area of fundamentals of facility management. It prepares OUM graduates to be industry leaders who make decisions, solve strategic and operational problems, and implement best management practices in the built environment. FM is a…
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Master of Nursing

(R2/723/7/0108 (A10238) 09/24) The Master of Nursing aims to produce nurse graduates who are capable nurse leaders to respond effectively and timely in the current complex health care environment. The strength of the program is the management, leadership and research courses offered in the program. The course aims to: Assist…
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Master of Occupational Safety and Health Risk Management

(R2-DL/862/7/0004 (MQA/FA0538) 10/26) This Master of Occupational Safety and Health Risk Management (MOSHRM) programme offered at OUM is a part-time open and distance learning (ODL) postgraduate programme which offers a qualification that provides a sound business and technical basis basis in the application of risk management principles to manage effectively…
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Master of Quality Management

(R2-DL/345/7/0569(MQA/FA4355) 05/24) The objectives of this programme are: To equip learners with basic and advanced knowledge in quality management and quality improvement. To provide learners with the necessary skills for them to define, measure, analyze, improve and control the quality management and quality improvement plans in their respective organizations. To…
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Master of Project Management

(R2-DL/345/7/0444 (A9409) 10/23) MPM is an industry-driven programme designed for individuals who want to establish themselves as professional in project management field and those who are interested to pursue a new career in project management. The programme helps students to develop the ability to solve real-world problems, exercise sound management…
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Doctor of Philosophy (Arts)

The Doctor of Philosophy (Arts) programme is a generic Ph.D programme offered by the Faculty of Education and Social Sciences, Open University Malaysia (OUM). It is a programme that links a variety of disciplines in religion, languages, history and philosophy. This programme focuses on specialised areas where OUM has a…
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Doctor of Philosophy (Education)

(R3/142/8/0004 (A6267) 08/27) The multifaceted challenges facing 21st-century education require researchers who can collect and analyse information from a number of academic disciplines — history, psychology, engineering, education, science, and more — and translate these findings into transformative ideas for education policy reform and practice. The PhD in Education at…
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Doctor of Education

(R2-DL/142/8/0002 (MQA/FA0666) 08/28) The Doctor of Education (EdD) is a benchmark qualification in terms of researching professional policy and practice in the field of education. It is a doctoral degree for experienced professionals who would like to extend their professional understanding and develop skills in research. The programme will stimulate…
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Master of Psychology

(R/311/7/0073 (MQA/FA5677) / 08/25 ) The Master of Psychology (MPSY) programme is offered by the Faculty of Education and Social Sciences (FESS) as another postgraduate programme in OUM. It is specially designed to expand your knowledge, sharpen your critical thinking skills and teach you how to evaluate problems and find…
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Doctor of Business Administration

(R2-DL/340/8/0041 (MQA/FA0368) 03/26) Earn yourself a competitive edge with OUM’s DBA. It is a professional doctoral degree designed for managers and executives who wish to enhance their professional practices and deepen their management knowledge, skills and leadership in business administration through intensive study and research. A total of 80 credits…
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Doctor of Philosophy (Business Administration)

(R2/340/8/0737 (A5905) 04/25) The objectives of the Doctor of Philosophy (Business Administration) are: To enhance the research management skills in specific areas of business studies, To enhance the analytical and conceptual skills in specific areas of business studies, and To foster research and development of new and improved knowledge in…
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Master of Management

R2/345/7/0524 (A10726) 07/24) The objectives of the Master of Management are to: Identify and develop critical success factors of successfully managed excellent organisations Integrate your managerial knowledge to manage your organisations more efficiently and effectively Develop your analytical and decision-making skills in your professional development. In the highly competitive business…
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Master of Business Administration

(R2-DL/340/7/0042 (A10099) 03/24) Now offering Healthcare Management, a new major beginning the September 2020 intake. The objectives of the Master of Business Administration (MBA) are to: Enhance students managerial competencies and improve knowledge on current managerial practices and theory; Sharpens students analytical, numerical and conceptual skills; Improve students employability and…
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Master of Human Resource Management

(R2-DL/345/7/0445 (A9398) 10/23) The objectives of the Master in Human Resource Management are to: To develop an understanding of theory and practice in the overall human resource management areas; To help students prepare effectively, through broadening their knowledge, skills and ability for a career as human resource specialists; To inculcate…
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Bachelor of Business Administration with Honours

(R2-DL/345/6/1064 (A8369) 10/22) The Bachelor in Business Administration (Honours) programme is designed to equip learners with essential management acumen necessary for assuming managerial positions in business organisations. The curriculum is designed to produce graduates who are sensitive to the changing business environmental influences and responsive to new ideas in resolving…
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Bachelor of Tourism Management with Honours

(R2-DL/812/6/0023 (A6009) 05/21) The BTRM programme is designed to enhance learners’ understanding of the latest concepts, roles, principles and practices in the overall tourism policies and tourism issues. By taking various topics of courses which comprises of different but related key functions in the tourism management and business field, graduates…
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Bachelor of Management with Honours

(R2-DL/345/6/0045 (A7470) 07/21) This programme aims to meet the country’s growing demand for professionals in management. The programme encompasses various facets of management as well as emerging disciplines of a global and technology-driven economy. In addition, the programme allows learners to acquire in-depth knowledge in selected fields of management. Learners…
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Bachelor of Accounting with Honours (Accredited by CPA Australia)

(R3/344/6/0040 (A5885) 03/27) Bachelor of Accounting with Honours (BAC) aims to produce knowledgeable, analytical and competent accounting graduates to fulfil the country’s growing need of accounting profession. This programme is designed to achieve the following Programme Education Objectives (PEO): To produce competent graduates with comprehensive knowledge and skills in accounting…
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Bachelor of Human Resource Management with Honours

(R2/345/6/0655 (A5818) 01/27) The programme is designed to produce graduates that would satisfy the country’s need for trained personnel in human resource management. The programme emphasises both breadth (basic knowledge in the various functional areas in management) as well as depth (in the field of human resource management itself). Learners…
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Bachelor of Communication with Honours

(R2-DL/321/6/0098 (A9493) 11/25) The Bachelor of Communication (BComm) is designed to produce graduates with comprehensive knowledge that informs, moves, creates and shapes the world of communication. Students will be exposed to a broad-based learning experience encompassing nearly all major aspects of communication such as journalism, advertising, broadcasting, corporate communication and…
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Diploma in Information Technology

(R2-DL/482/4/0212 (A8368) 09/22) The objectives of this programme is to produce learners with IT skills which enable them to become programmers, analyst programmers, IT administrators or IT executives. Learners are required to accumulate 90 credit hours of prescribed courses in order to graduate. *This programme is not available for International…
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Bachelor of Occupational Safety and Health Management with Honours

(R2/862/6/0040 (A9362) 07/24) Successful organisations treat their employees as valuable assets and with increasing cut throat competition and emphasis laid on human resource policies and practices, safety and health of employees cannot be ignored for the success of business entities. Employers are being called upon to strengthen the need to…
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Bachelor of Information Technology with Honours

(R3-DL/482/6/0151 (A7468) 07/28) The objective of this Bachelor of Information Technology (Honours) programme is to produce graduates with strong knowledge in information technology so as to prepare them for highlighting careers as software engineers, system analysts and system integrators. Learners are required to accumulate 120 credit hours of prescribed courses…
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Bachelor of Manufacturing Management with Honours

(R2-DL/345/6/0496 (A9206) 09/25) The Bachelor of Manufacturing Management (BMMG) programme was co-designed by the university and industry professionals to fill jobs in the manufacturing. The content of the degree programme allows students to improve upon their manufacturing and management experiences while also helping to create new skills for the present…
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Bachelor of Medical and Health Sciences with Honours

(N-DL/720/6/0120 (MQA/PA9318) 02/25) Bachelor of Medical and Health Sciences (BMHS) with Honours programme provides an important platform for assistant medical officers to further their studies and obtain a higher level of qualification in their field. This programme focuses on specific knowledge and advanced skills such as surgical and medical care,…
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Bachelor Of Digital Media Design With Honours

(R/213/6/0217 (MQA/FA4791) 11/26) The objective of Bachelor of Digital Media Design (BDMD) with combination of various disciplines of art, design knowledge, communication, interactive content and digital media technology is to produce a digital talent and expert in digital media technology. Graduates who can master the elements of digital media technology…
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Diploma in Management

(R3-DL/345/4/0046 (A7469) 07/28) Diploma in Management (DIM) programme aims to produce knowledgeable and competent graduates who are able to perform effectively, efficiently and ethically within areas of management Programme Educational Objectives (PEO) PEO1: To produce semi-professional workforce to fulfil the needs of the market in the field of management. PEO2:…
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Diploma in Human Resources Management

(R2/345/4/0647 (A5817) 01/27) The Diploma in Human Resources Management (DHRM) is designed to cater to the needs of those seeking career as junior executives in HRM, in both business and non-business organisations. In order to qualify for the diploma, a minimum of 90 credit hours of approved courses must be…
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Bachelor of English Studies with Honours

(R2-DL/222/6/0009 (A9470) 03/26) OUM’s Bachelor of English Studies (Hons.), or BEST, is uniquely different from traditional offerings of English. BEST takes as grounding that ‘doing English’ need not be interpreted solely in the traditional sense as choosing to study one branch of English (e.g., linguistics) instead of the other branches…
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Bachelor of Teaching (Primary Education) (Hons)

(R3/144/6/0001 (A 6530) 02/26) In line with the government’s initiative to upgrade the quality of teachers in primary schools, the Bachelor of Teaching (Primary Education) is designed with the following objectives: To produce graduates who have wide education knowledge and skills to function as effective teachers, education officers or college…
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Bachelor of Early Childhood Education with Honours

(R2/141/6/0049 (A10993) 10/25) The Bachelor of Early Childhood Education with Honours (BECHE) degree is designed to meet the needs of persons interested in pursuing careers in early childhood education who are currently employed in preschools, public schools, child care centres or other childhood care facilities. It is also aimed to…
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Bachelor of Education (TESL) with Honours

(R2-DL/145/6/0024 (A8372) 09/22) The Bachelor of Education with Honours (TESL) comprises subjects from both the education and English language fields. Students are required to accumulate 120 credit hours in order to graduate. The curriculum focuses on three main components: development of the foundations of education and pedagogical knowledge; enhancement of…
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Bachelor of Psychology with Honours

(R2-DL/311/6/0034 (A9361) 11/25) This is an open and distance learning programme with the aim of helping learners to have better understanding of human nature and behaviour. The programme covers a wide range of topics including introduction to psychology, social psychology, introduction to clinical psychology, test and measurement, developmental psychology, personality,…
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Diploma in Accounting

(R/344/4/0267 (MQA/FA3793) 05/24) Overview Diploma in Accounting programme aims to produce graduates with the fundamental knowledge and technical skills for the semi-professional accounting workforce to meet the public and private sectors’ needs. The program is designed to produce knowledgeable and competent accounting graduates. The curriculum of the program includes the…
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Bachelor Of Political Science With Honours

(R2-DL/313/6/0001 (MQA/FA0179) 02/28) The Bachelor of Political Science (BPS) is designed to fulfill individuals’ needs who are interested to pursue careers in politics, public administration or corporate management. Nowadays, many individuals are interested to learn and to be involved in politics – either those serving in public and private sectors,…
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Bachelor Of Liberal Studies With Honours

(R/310/6/0007 (MQA/FA2719) 10/25) Bachelor of Liberal Studies covers a wide range of humanities and social sciences disciplines that consists of communication, psychology, political science, management, education and general sciences. In addition, the programme also helps the graduates to obtain valuable knowledge in analysing and apply in solving societal issues in…
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Bachelor of Islamic Studies (Islamic Management) with Honours

(R2-DL/221/6/0077 (A9122) 09/25) Bachelor of Islamic Studies (BIS) is an open and distance learning program the offered to those who want to pursue their studies in higher education in Islamic studies. It comprises subjects encompassing Islamic Law and Management. It is aimed to equip candidates with Islamic knowledge as well…
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Diploma in Early Childhood Education

(R3-DL/143/4/0007 (A6959) 05/28) Children Learning and Development have been the focus of the Early Childhood Education (ECE). ECE provides the basic education and prepares children for primary school education. The ECE programme at OUM will contribute to the all-rounded development of ECE teachers by updating their knowledge, skills and attitude…
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Diploma in Islamic Studies with Education

(R2-DL/221/4/0030 (MQA/FA 0324) 04/26) Islamic studies plays a main and vital role in molding dedicated, honest and dynamic Muslim. This is due to the fact that Islamic studies influences well-balanced life of a society in order to ensure peace and harmony in Malaysia. The Diploma in Islamic Studies with education…
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Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching

(R2/141/7/0047 (A11464) 10/25) The Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching (PGDT) programme offered by Open University Malaysia (OUM) is a one year professional teaching qualification programme fully accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA). It is designed to meet the needs of those who possess a tertiary qualification intending to pursue teaching…
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Master of Islamic Studies

(R2/221/7/0172 (A11246) 07/25) The Master of Islamic Studies (MIS) degree is designed to meet the needs of those interested in pursuing their studies at higher level in this area. It is also aimed at developing specialisations in various areas of Islamic studies, such as Usuluddin (Theology), Shariah (Islamic Law and…
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Master of Counselling

(R2-DL/762/7/0002 (MQA/FA0155) 01/26) The Master of Counselling (MC) degree is designed to meet the needs of those who interested in pursuing their studies at higher level in the area of counselling. MC programme is also aimed to produce graduates with professional skills and knowledge in counselling and to train more…
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Master of English Studies

(R2/224/7/0064 (A11501) 10/25) OUM’S Master of English Studies programme, or MEST, is an advanced degree that caters to learners seeking to deepen and widen their appreciation of English. Suitable for both English and non-English majors, and uniquely different from traditional offerings, the MEST curriculum is reflective of English as an…
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Master of Education

(R2/141/7/0038 (A5740) 03/25) Due to the current shift towards knowledge-based economy, there is a growing demand for highly-educated teachers or educational leaders to manage schools and institutions more effectively. In line with this demand, the Master of Education is designed with the following objectives : To produce graduates who have…
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Master of Instructional Design and Technology

(R2-DL/140/7/0008 (A9450) 11/23) The Master of Instructional Design Technology programme (MIDT) offered by the Open University Malaysia (OUM) aims to produce graduates who will be equipped with impactful theories, principles and practices of Instructional Design that could be applied in numerous engaging, attractive and appealing settings especially in an e-learning…
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Master of Early Childhood Education

(R/143/7/0097 (MQA/FA 4916) 12/24) The MECHE programme has been designed to prepare working adults for higher level academic study in early childhood and to conduct research in the area of early childhood education. The research project conducted by students will enable them to learn basic research skills in early childhood…
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Master of Corporate Communication

(R-DL/321/7/0197 (MQA/FA7193) 12/25) Statement of Programme Aims, Objectives and Learning Outcomes The Master of Corporate Communication degree is designed to produce corporate communication practitioners with advanced knowledge and practical skills, and competent with theoretical and practical skills in making decision and solving problems in real settings. The MCC aims to…
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