In order to deliver the latest voices and news related to OUM, several forms of printed materials such as official reports, newsletters and magazines are published from time to time as a reading platform for OUM Learners.

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Reading materials publish by OUM are:

  • OUMeducation
    OUM Education is a magazine published three times a year by the METEOR Group of Companies. 
  • Inspired
    inspired is a not-for-profit OUM e-newsletter on the 3Ps – practice, policy and philosophy – of teaching and learning in and beyond OUM. Published thrice-yearly, it engages a readership of OUM learners, staff, tutors and the interested public. inspired evolved out of TCX (Tutor Connexxions), a now-discontinued OUM e-newsletter which saw 45 issues published over almost a decade.
  • Contact
    Contact is the medium for OUM graduates to stay connected to their alma mater. Published as a quarterly e-magazine, Contact tells the inspiring stories of those who have realised their dreams at OUM.
    The ASEAN Journal of Open and Distance Learning (AJODL) is dedicated to the sharing of knowledge, ideas and experience pertaining to Open and Distance Learning (ODL).
  • ICI 2019 Conference Proceedings
    The International Conference on Education (ICE 2019) provided an excellent platform for knowledge sharing and networking to explore new opportunities, latest developments and current issues in education. The conference focused on innovation and technology in education, assessment in the 21st century and access to education and lifelong learning.
  • OUM in The News