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I am a full-time housewife taking care of 5 children. I didn’t want to remain a full-time housewife till I died so at the age of 48 in 2009, I enrolled in the Master of Human Resource Management programme. Since I don’t drive, I totally depend on public transport. This is one of the major reasons why I chose OUM, since it could be easily accessed via KTM and LRT. I was in the pioneer batch and graduated in 2011. Then I decided to enrol in the PhD in Business Administration programme together with a course mate. We started our doctoral seminars even before we had our master’s convocation. Life as a PhD student can be very lonely and challenging. You need to be very highly motivated and dedicated, as you mostly do research and write-ups on your own, with guidance from your supervisor. After a total of 10 years of studying in OUM, I have graduated for the 2nd time from this university.

PhD (Business Administration)

Bachelor of Occupational Safety and Health Management with Honours

I chose this University because I wanted to study and work at the same time. I had an enjoyable learning experience, though it was stressful at times due to examinations. I was actually motivated by OUM learners who were still pursuing their studies even in old age. Be brave in pursuing your dreams and goals. Always remember that your family and friends will continuously support and motivate you.

Master of Islamic Studies

As the headmaster of Sekolah Menengah Agama Darul Ulum, I felt the need to improve myself and be more dynamic and well-versed. I struggled with the project paper and had to rewrite it a few times before it was accepted. I couldn’t be more grateful that I have obtainedmy master’s after studying for more than two years. Praise to the Almighty for this achievement. I would like to thank OUM for the learning opportunity and for honouring me with the award. I really believe in lifelong learning. Everyone should be bold in the pursuit of knowledge.