What’s Happening At OUM?

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OUM in the News

Why OUM?

Tailor your studies at your convenience. You may study at your own pace, anytime, anywhere, without having to sacrifice your work or personal interest.

Make your work experience count
Your work and prior learning can be accredited for enrolment into our programmes. The skills, knowledge and competencies that you have can also be assessed for credit awards.  Find out more at APEL.

Credit transfer
Shorten your study duration by transferring credits from your previous education. Earn the degree that you want at less time and cost. 

We are everywhere!
Our Learning Centres allow you to attend classes or seek advice without having to travel far. Look out for centres near you.

Learning Centres

How Will You Learn?

I owe my academic journey to the support I received from OUM. Where innovations underpin teaching and learning, flexible approaches are widely utilised to enable learning anytime and anywhere, synchronously and asynchronously. The curriculum is structured to facilitate information processing while critical learning experiences emphasising key skills are often included too. I was impressed with the study approach, particularly the scope and depth that matched my interests. Something else that makes me happy to study at OUM is the nurturing attention that goes beyond learning. One example is the tuition fee waiver, which I enjoyed during my bachelor’s and master’s degree studies.

Koh Kwang Meng, 80
Learner (Doctor of Education)
Kuantan Learning Centre
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