APEL – Flexible Entry

Flexible Entry (Only for Malaysians)

With APEL, not only can working adults gain admission into OUM by leveraging on their prior learning experiences, they can also use their experiences to earn credits in order to shorten their study duration.

Kindly visit APEL website at https://apel.oum.edu.my/ to know more.

Through APEL C, experiential learning gained through informal or non-formal means are assessed against specified course learning outcomes for learners to obtain APEL credits. With these credits, learners are given exceptions from sitting certain courses which will help them to complete their studies faster.

General Policies

  1. The APEL C provision is applicable to learners registered at any Higher Education Institution regardless of the mode of entry, whether through the conventional or APEL (A) route.
  2. APEL (C) encompasses the assessment of prior experiential learning for the purpose of credit award. Learning acquired through Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) or any other methods of self-learning should also be considered under this provision.
  3. All HEPs can implement APEL (C) at their respective institutions ONLY after obtaining MQA’s approval. HEPs which intend to implement APEL (C) must comply with the prescribed APEL (C) policy.
  4. APEL (C) will be implemented for all areas and levels of qualifications in the MQF. For postgraduate level of study, the credit award is limited only to the courses in programmes conducted via coursework and mixed modes.
  5. APEL (C) is confined to courses in programmes that have obtained at least provisional accreditation from MQA.
  6. Courses that from part of the programme structure under professional bodies may be considered for APEL (C), subject to acceptance by relevant professional bodies. HEPs shall be responsible for securing such approval.

Award of Credits

  1. The award of credits through APEL (C) is in the form of credit transfer where it does not involve the transfer of grades. However, the credits awarded for the course will be counted towards the total credit requirement for graduation.
  2. The maximum percentage of credit transfer through APEL (C) is 30% of the total graduating credits of a specific programme of study. This percentage is in addition to the credit transfer provision based in the existing formal credit transfer policy.

APEL credits can be applied for courses in OUM subject to the APEL (C) guideline and policy