Bachelor Of Digital Media Design With Honours

(R/213/6/0217 (MQA/FA4791) 11/26)

The objective of Bachelor of Digital Media Design (BDMD) with combination of various disciplines of art, design knowledge, communication, interactive content and digital media technology is to produce a digital talent and expert in digital media technology.

Graduates who can master the elements of digital media technology with high quality of knowledge in design, development and management of digital media, especially the web, multimedia and mobile technology as its main platforms will have the skills that are needed to serve the society and the nation; creating professional who is creative with critical thinking and able to transform their unique skills into a more diverse domains.

*This programme is not available for International intake

Nurul Fizah
Binti Mohamad Nusran
Programme Director

Tel (Office) :
603 7941 1642

Email :

Malaysian Learner Fees
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5
Sem 1 RM 1980 RM 1980 RM 1980 RM 1760 RM 1980
Sem 2 RM 1980 RM 1980 RM 1980 RM 1980 RM 1320
Sem 3 RM 1980 RM 1760 RM 1760 RM 1980
Total RM 26,400

* Fees applicable to Malaysians and Permanent Residents only.

* The University reserves the right to revise the fees without prior notice.

Discount for the Physically Challenged Learners (OKU) and Senior Citizens
The University offers 50% discount for:
1. Senior citizens aged 60 and above on registration date; and
2. Physically challenged learners – a valid Orang Kelainan Upaya (OKU) is required.
The discounts are not valid for second time registration and repeating of subjects.
Learners who receive this discount are not entitled to other discounts and promotions.
Processing fee: RM30

Financial options: Payment Mode:
EPF (Account 2); or JomPAY
Education or Personal Loan from commercial banks; or Internet Banking
HRDF (subject to employer’s eligibility); or Debit/Credit Card.
International Learner Fees
*This programme is not available for International intake

* The University reserves the right to revise the fees without prior notice.
**LATEST UPDATE: 25 February 2021

Normal Entry

  1. A pass in STPM with at least Grade C (GP 2.00) in any TWO (2) subjects; OR
  2.  A pass in STAM with at least grade Jayyid; OR
  3. Matriculation of Foundation with at least CGPA of 2.00; OR
  4. A Diploma (Level 4. MQF) with at least CGPA of 2.00; OR
  5. An Advanced Diploma (Level 5, MQF) with at least CGPA of 2.00; OR
  6. A Diploma Kemahiran Malaysia (DKM)/ Diploma Vokasional Malaysia (DVM) subjected to HEP Senate/ Academic Board’s approval****, OR
  7. A Diploma Lanjutan Kemahiran Malaysia (DLKM) subjected to HEP Senate/ Academic Board’s approval****;
  8. Other relevant equivalent qualifications recognized by the Malaysian Government.
  9. Pass an interview (online/virtual/conventional) OR submission of student’s portfolio, to the determined by the HEP as required.

Note for (vi) & (vii): The HEPs are to conduct screening and provide necessary guidance specific to the discipline of the programme;


APEL entry 

  • Malaysian; and
  • Candidate must be 21 years old and above in the year of application being made; and
  • Have previous working experience/learning relevant to the field applied; and
  • Pass APEL Assessment for Bachelor Degree (conducted by OUM).
Program Educational Objectives (PEO)

PEO1: Graduates who are knowledgeable and skilful in digital media design to make tangible contribution to the relevant disciplines in creative and innovative industries. (PLO1, PLO2)

PEO2: Graduates who are dedicated, independent and creative with critical and inquiring minds to display good work ethics in the relevant disciplines in creative and innovative industries. (PLO4, PLO6)

PEO3: Graduates who can effectively communicate, lead and engage with teams in providing innovative solutions to address the issues and challenges for the industries. (PLO5, PLO3)

PEO4: Graduates who are able to demonstrate entrepreneurship skills and recognise the need of life-long learning for successful career advancement. (PLO8, PLO7)

Programme Learning Outcomes (PLO)
PLO1: Acquire and apply knowledge within the context of creative and innovative practices in graphic design and new digital media. (Knowledge)

PLO2: Demonstrate comprehensive skills within disciplinary areas of digital media design. (Practical Skills)

PLO3: Demonstrate social skills and responsibilities towards society and environment. (Social Skills and Responsibilities)

PLO4: Commit professionally, ethically with humane responsibility, in line with a designer’s code of conduct. (Ethics, Professionalism and Humanities)

PLO5: Ability to argue and communicate design ideas and information effectively in written and oral forms. (Communication, Leadership & Team skills)

PLO6: Identify, formulate and provide ideas in creative, innovative and effective solution to the digital media design problems. (Scientific Methods, Critical Thinking & Problem Solving skills)

PLO7: Recognise the need for and to engage in, lifelong learning and professional development in digital media design area. (Lifelong Learning and Information Management Skills)

PLO8: Display relevant and appropriate managerial and entrepreneurial skills in design and/or digital media career development. (Entrepreneurship and Managerial Skills)

* The University reserves the right to revise the fees without prior notice.
**LATEST UPDATE: 25 February 2021

MPU Courses

Subject Name Credit Hours
Tamadun Islam dan Asia Tenggara (TITAS) 2
Ethnic Relationship 2
Entrepreneurship II 3
Health & Wellness II 3
Community Services 2
Total Credit 12


University Courses

Subject Name Credit Hours
Learning Skills for 21st Century 3
English for Written Communication 3
English for Oral Communication 3
English for Workplace Communication 3
Professional Ethics 3
Total Credit 15


Basic Courses

Subject Name Credit Hours
Basic Concept Of Information Technology 3
Principles Of Management 3
Thinking Skills And Problem Solving 3
Introduction to Communication 3
Information Technology, Media and Society 3
Total Credit 15


Core Courses

Subject Name Credit Hours
Graphics Design 3
Basic Drawing 3
Web Design 3
Web Development 3
Digital Illustration 3
2D Animation 3
3D Animation Essentials 3
3D Animation 3
3D Modeling 3
Multimedia Authoring 3
Photography 3
Interface Design 3
Audio Technology 3
Video Technology 3
Digital Composition 3
Mobile Computing for Multimedia 3
Current Trends in Digital Media Application 3
Project Development Methodology 3
Project 6
Industrial Training 6
Total Credit 66


Elective Courses Note: (choose any FOUR from below)

Subject Name Credit Hours
Multimedia Advertising 3
Principles of Advertising 3
Broadcast Management 3
Media Appreciation and Critical Analysis 3
Game Design and Development 3
Total Credit 12
  1. What is Bachelor of Digital Media Design (BDMD)?
    The Bachelor of digital media design is a combination of various disciplines of art, design, communication, interactive content and digital media technology. Students develop various digital content and communicate with their skills in visualization, presentation, writing and technology.
  2. Are OUM`s Bachelor of Digital Media Design (Hons) (BDMD) offered in full-time or part-time mode?
    All OUM degrees programme offered in Malaysia are run in part-time mode, making them particularly suitable for working adults seeking to upgrade their qualifications, knowledge and skills without having to give up their jobs or compromise on their life responsibilities.
  3. How are OUM`s Bachelor of Digital Media Design (Hons) (BDMD) different from other degree in media design programme offered elsewhere?
    BDMD programme are uniquely different from other degree programme in media design offered elsewhere because:
    • There were an APEL entry options for those who want to continue their study into BDMD programme but having no previous formal educational certificates like diploma, STPM, foundation, A-Level etc.
    • By using your previous working experiences, you can enrol into BDMD programme.
    • BDMD programme structure give the balance both theories and applications of media design; and the skills and knowledge gained in BDMD are transferable across industries.
  1. The total fees of BDMD programme is the lowest among the other institutions which offered the same degree programme.
    BDMD mode of study is so flexible especially for those working adults which seeking to upgrade their qualifications, knowledge and skills without having to give up their jobs or compromise on their life responsibilities.
  1. What are the courses offered under BDMD?
    In brief, BDMD comprises of the following course breakdown:
Courses Credits
General Studies Courses 12 Credits
University Compulsory 15 Credits
Basic Compulsory 15 Credits
Core Courses 66 Credits
Elective Courses(Choose any FOUR courses) 12 Credits
Total Credits 120 Credits

Note: The courses in the programme are subject to change without prior notice

For a more detailed information of the above courses and the latest BDMD Programme
Structure visit:

  1. What are the entry requirements for BDMD programme?
    Mode 1: Normal Entry
    – Recognised Matriculation or Foundation with CGPA 2.0; OR
    – Pass Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia (STPM) with 2 full passes or equivalent with minimum CGPA of 2.0; OR
    – Recognised Creative Multimedia Diploma or equivalent with a minimum CGPA of 2.5. (Candidates with CGPA between 2.00 and 2.50 may be admitted, subject to an internal assessment process);ORMode 2: APEL Entry
  1. Malaysian Citizen; AND
  2. Candidate should be more than 21 years of age in the year of application; AND
  • Relevant work experience/ prior experiential learning; AND
    Pass the APEL Assessment (Aptitude Test & Portfolio) conducted by OUM.
  1. How soon can I complete BDMD programme?
    BDMD is 120 credit-hour programme, which means that it can typically be completed in 14 semesters. That`s approximately 4 and half years if the programme is completed without any credit transfer, and if learners take the standard 3 courses per semester path.
  2. Is there any way to shorten my duration of study?
    Once you have been ACCEPTED to the programme, there are ways to shorten the duration of your study – by applying your credits. With these credits, learners are given exceptions from sitting certain courses which will help them to complete their studies faster. This includes:
  • Credit transfer from previous study (eg. similar courses taken at Diploma level)
  • Recognition of prior learning (APEL C)

Through APEL C, experiential learning gained through informal or non-formal means are assessed to determine the extent to which individual has achieved the specified course learning outcomes etc for learners to obtain APEL credits.

* Note: OUM has a policy on credit (including recognition of prior learning) and procedures for credit transfer. Kindly download OUM Undergraduate Learners Handbook to know more. For APEL C, a visit to the following website at is highly recommended.

  1. What is the mode of teaching delivery for BDMD programme?
    BDMD programme currently run fully online (during the MCO due to Covid19). You are encouraged to attend the e-tutorial sessions conducted using video conferencing via Google Meet (8 sessions@8 hours per course) by e-Tutor.

You will also be supported with the forum discussion under the learning platform (myInspire) assisted by the e-Tutor. Assignment and modules, study guides will be uploaded in your myInspire course.

You are required to submit assignments through online and sit for the take home final examination through online submission.

This flexibility of modes is a specialty of OUM, the first open and distance learning university in Malaysia. It is particularly suitable for self-directed adult learners who want to upgrade their skills and qualifications on a part-time basis without having to give up work and another life commitment.

*There are a few courses that required the learners to come and attend the tutorial session that involves of hands-on exercise. This tutorial session will be conducted in Sri Rampai Learning Centre (subject to change).

  1. When can I join BDMD?
    BDMD programme have intakes in the January, May and September semesters.
  2. Who are the academic staffs responsible for delivering BDMD programme?
    BDMD programme at OUM are delivered by a qualified and experienced subject-matter experts and tutors/facilitators with degrees from reputable universities.
  3. Does BDMD programme have been accredited by Malaysian Qualifications Accreditation (MQA)?
    The programme is fully accredited starting 3/5/2019.
    Reference Number: MQA/FA4791
    Certificate Number: 18629
    Refer to the link:
  4. Are course materials provided by OUM?
    All core learning materials are provided or made available for library loan. They include specially-commissioned course modules, e-textbooks, study guides, reading bricks, AV files, CDs and/or DVDs. Learners may also use OUM`s physical and digital libraries to access a wide range of learning materials.
  5. How will I be assessed should I enrol for BDMD programme?
    For BDMD programme, assessment methods for any of its courses are varies depending on its assignments and final exams. However, 50% core courses of the programme are fully course works (without final exam) which involves and focus the student’s artwork. For a more detailed and latest info, refer to the respective course page at myINSPIRE.
  6. Can I apply for a PTPTN loan if I want to pursue BDMD?
    The PTPTN loan is only available to Malaysian citizens enrolled in a recognised undergraduate programme. You can only apply for a PTPTN loan after you have applied, been accepted and registered in the programme.

For more information on PTPTN loan, visit

  1. What are the potential career paths for BDMD graduates?
    • Web designer
    • Graphic designer
    • Animator
    • 3D modeller
    • Creative content creator
    • Multimedia programmer
    • Videographer
    • Multimedia artist
  1. I`ve decided I want to pursue BDMD programme at OUM. How do I apply?

Apply online at
Alternatively, visit any of OUM`s Learning Centres (LCs) located throughout the country for guidance. For info on the LCs, go to

  1. Whom should I contact if I need to find out more about OUM`s BDMD programme?
    For academic-related enquiries related to BDMD, email to Mrs Nurul Fizah Mohamad Nusran at

For general enquiries on OUM programme, email the Marketing Unit at or call +603-78012000.

*All information contained in this FAQ are subject to revision without prior notice.