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Postgraduate Diploma in Islamic Studies

(N-DL/0224/7/0001(MQA/PA15768) 07/27) The Postgraduate in Islamic Studies (PGDIS) is designed to provide advanced knowledge of Islam as a religion and a way of life, understanding of how scholars of Islamic Studies analyse and solve issues in society. In addition to improving understanding of the classical sources (turath), the program aims…

Master of Quality Management

(R2-DL/345/7/0569(MQA/FA4355) 05/24) The objectives of this programme are: To equip learners with basic and advanced knowledge in quality management and quality improvement. To provide learners with the necessary skills for them to define, measure, analyze, improve and control the quality management and quality improvement plans in their respective organizations. To…

Master of Human Resource Management

(R2-DL/345/7/0445 (A9398) 10/23) The objectives of the Master in Human Resource Management are to: To develop an understanding of theory and practice in the overall human resource management areas; To help students prepare effectively, through broadening their knowledge, skills and ability for a career as human resource specialists; To inculcate…

Master of Instructional Design and Technology

(R2-DL/140/7/0008 (A9450) 11/23) The Master of Instructional Design Technology programme (MIDT) offered by the Open University Malaysia (OUM) aims to produce graduates who will be equipped with impactful theories, principles and practices of Instructional Design that could be applied in numerous engaging, attractive and appealing settings especially in an e-learning…