Open Distance Learning (ODL) for Working Adults

Open Distance Learning (ODL) for Working Adults

Education is a basic human right, and Open University Malaysia (OUM) aims to contribute to this goal by developing equitable access to higher education for all students – be it school-leavers or working adults of all educational backgrounds.

Designed to fit the varied lifestyles and responsibilities of working adults, OUM’s part-time open distance learning (ODL) programmes are built to fit around different schedules and the current education landscape. Going fully online with its programmes and classes, OUM’s part-time courses are a practical choice as working adults can choose to work and study at their own time and pace.

OUM also takes into consideration working adults who do not live near its main campus. With 35 learning centers spread nationwide, people from different states in Malaysia can continue to receive administration, technical and academic help without the hassle of travel.

Adults working in remote areas without learning centers need not worry as well. OUM utilizes its 20- year experience in ODL to its utmost potential by curating an effective, accessible and practical online learning model for the students. All you need is a working computer and an Internet connection, and you’re all set. The university’s vast amount of learning resources can be accessed through its learning
management system, myINSPIRE.

With 50 different higher learning courses, OUM caters to students of all levels with:

  • Part-time diploma courses
  • Part-time undergraduate degree courses
  • Part-time master’s degree courses
  • Part-time PhD courses

Anyone can achieve

OUM understands that not everyone has the privilege to be able to pursue full-time university studies after completing secondary school. Statistics show that while there is an average of 450,000 SPM candidates annually, only 150,000 of them go on to pursue higher education.

There are many reasons why such a large number of students do not choose to continue their studies, but a common one is because of financial instability. Many a time, a good student has had to sacrifice his academic dreams to work and support his family. He may have scored a scholarship to study, but his family may not be able to survive without the extra income during those four years of studies.

However, with ODL and an online part-time study option offered by OUM at a more affordable rate, this group of young people can pursue their dreams of earning a university degree, all while supporting their families at the same time.

OUM constantly builds on its strengths, which include the ability to cater to students of all academic and economic backgrounds – allowing for flexibility in studies, accreditation of prior experiential learning, acceptance of past educational courses for credit transfer, and providing learning centers throughout the country while offering online courses to anyone in the world.

Looking for a flexible part-time study course to further your studies in the business and management, applied sciences and education and social sciences fields? Join the 180,000 OUM student body and become one of the annual 85,000 graduates in an MQA-accredited and internationally recognized university.

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