President/Vice Chancellor Prof Dato’ Dr Mansor Fadzil shared his hopes and aspirations for 2020 at the University’s new year address on 15 January.

Dato’ Mansor said moving forward, the University aspires to become a cashless society where payments and financial processes at OUM will be done electronically by middle of the year. All financial transactions that involve the staff, students and the public like payment of salaries, claims and tuition fees will be done online.

For learners, exciting new developments in various aspects of teaching and learning are being explored to make learning even more flexible. The University will be rolling out on-demand multiple-choice question (MCQ) assessment that allows learners to sit for exams whenever they are ready, rather than on a fixed schedule. This new initiative is anticipated to kick off by the end of the year.

The University is also looking at providing fully digital learning resources to curb the expansion of printed books and learning materials for its Digital Library. This makes it easier for learners to access the learning materials no matter where they are.

Dato’ Mansor said these initiatives were part of the plan to turn the University into a renowned open and distance learning institution, both locally and abroad.