Three months have passed since the Movement Control Order (MCO) was implemented, but no one knows when the Covid-19 pandemic will end. In fact, medical experts predict the virus will take years to run its course.

Consequently, the world as we know it has changed. The new normal of working from home, social distancing and doing things online to reduce physical contact will be part of everyday life from now on.

For those who want to continue learning, your transition to a new normal in higher education can be a smooth-sailing experience at OUM.

As the premier open and distance learning institution in Malaysia, we have dedicated the past 20 years to ensuring that our learners have all the resources and support they need to engage in online learning effectively.

This includes a digital library with an extensive collection of books and references that are accessible via your computer and smartphone, as well as dedicated staff to develop learning materials and assessment that are learner-friendly and relevant to each course and programme.

Learners can easily communicate with their lecturers, tutors and peers via discussion forums, and even manage their schedules and make payments online through OUM’s online learning management system, myINSPIRE. The online platform also provides learners with a rich selection of learning materials, including modules and video lectures. Through our collaboration with one of the best local telecommunications providers, we provide an excellent ICT infrastructure to ensure round-the-clock accessibility no matter where our learners may be.

This year, the university has embarked on a digital transformation initiative that will make your home your university. Quite simply, this means that by leveraging on our online platform, everything about studying at OUM can take place in the comfort of your own home.

We will continue prioritising your safety while giving you the opportunity to obtain a higher qualification no matter the situation. As such, you do not even have to visit OUM to become a learner. Every step of the process, from registration to attending classes and submitting assignments will take place online.

Since the start of the MCO, we have taken the concept of flexible learning to greater heights with online examinations and submission of master’s projects via Google Form. Recently, lecturers and administrators for the Doctor of Business Administration programme even held the first virtual concept paper presentation via Google Meet. Similarly, viva voce sessions will also be held via videoconferencing tools in the near future.

In light of these developments, as well as part of our effort to give back to society during the pandemic, new learners will enjoy a 20% discount on tuition fees for the May 2020 intake, which opens for registration until 12 July.

With a learner-friendly approach complemented by years of experience in online learning provision, we hope many more Malaysians will embrace this new and flexible way to learn at OUM and make their higher education dreams a reality.

Open University Malaysia