Coffee Talk: Why The Humanities and Social Sciences Are Important

  • 19 August 2023 - 10:30am
  • OUM
English and communication studies offer a powerful toolkit for excelling in our globalised world. Proficiency in English creates pathways to international opportunities, enabling effective cross-cultural communication. This linguistic bridge fosters collaboration in business, academia, and diplomacy.Communication studies refine interpersonal skills for building relationships, resolving conflicts, and fostering cooperation across borders. Clear and persuasive expression is crucial in today’s virtual communication era.Furthermore, these studies enhance critical thinking and cultural awareness. Analyzing diverse communication forms cultivates appreciation for cultural diversity and empathy toward global issues.In an information-saturated world, strong communication skills help individuals navigate and articulate their views. This proficiency is vital for engaging in discussions about climate change, human rights, and technology.As experts convene to discuss these matters, it’s evident that English and communication studies are pivotal for equipping individuals to shape the evolving global landscape through impactful communication.
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  • Start Date:19 August 2023
  • Start Time:10:30am
  • End Date:19 August 2023
  • End Time:11:00am
  • Platform:Facebook + Youtube
  • Organizer:OUM