If you are searching for a challenging master’s degree programme and the opportunity to register as an associate of the American Psychological Association (APA), the Master of Psychology (MPSY) offered by Open University Malaysia (OUM) is the programme for you.

An APA membership offers a wide array of personal and professional benefits in terms of expert career support, information on trends across psychology and many more.

“The membership will certainly add value to any psychology major. You can start your journey as a certified psychologist upon completion of the programme,” says programme director Dr Wirawani Kamarulzaman.

However, the certification is only applicable to those with psychology qualifications at both bachelor’s and master’s levels.

OUM offers two specialisations in the MPSY programme: industrial and organisational psychology, and educational psychology. Educational psychology is the new specialisation introduced in the programme, replacing community psychology.

“Educational psychology is normally offered under the education faculty in other universities.  At OUM, we make it available to anyone interested in the scientific study of human learning,” says Dr Wirawani, adding that learners will be exposed to pedagogical aspects of education that are relevant to human development and learning.

The two-year programme is designed to provide in-depth knowledge about psychology in a variety of settings based on their chosen specialisation.

One learner, Prakash Rao Subramaniam, says, “I am currently completing my research paper. I have a bachelor’s degree in psychology and this has been my passion for a long time. I love studying psychology-related subjects.”

The 54-year-old specialises in industrial and organisational psychology.

“As I deal with a lot of people on a daily basis, the programme equips me with relevant knowledge about human behaviour. This has made me a better communicator and enhances my understanding in the art of conflict resolution.”

As the university of choice for part-time studies, OUM offers 49 undergraduate and postgraduate programmes that are perfect for learners who want to study at their own pace.

As a busy business owner who places education as one of his top priorities, Prakash feels that OUM is the right university for him.

“OUM has made part-time studies convenient for me. I can access learning materials and library resources easily and from anywhere. Lecturers are well-versed with their subject matter and very helpful too,” says Prakash, adding that the programme has given him a better understanding of the top management’s role in handling employees’ emotions and challenges.

Though the assignments have been challenging, Prakash has discovered many new ideas and perspectives while completing them. With the knowledge, he feels more confident about venturing into a new career.

He is currently lecturing part-time at a private university and is hoping to be a full-time psychology lecturer upon graduation. “This master’s degree is a must for me to update my knowledge on current psychology issues and concerns.”

Dr Wirawani agrees, adding, “At OUM, we strive to build a community of psychology learners who will support one another, especially when it comes to the master’s project and practicum.”

Discover an exciting future in psychology by signing up for MPSY at OUM.

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