From left: Dr Mansor, chairman of OUM’s Board of Governors Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye and Jeanne.

The country’s premier institution for distance learning – Open University Malaysia (OUM) recently organised an international conference on education to create a platform for the exchange of ideas on access to education, lifelong learning and the role of technology in the education sector.

OUM’s chancellor Tun Jeanne Abdullah officiated the “2019 International Conference of Education” (ICE 2019) at the Seri Pacific Hotel on April 10, 2019. The theme of the conference was “Education in the 21st century”

“I am greatly heartened to see how well Open and Distance Learning (ODL) has progressed in the last two decades.

“As one of the nation’s most important higher education initiatives, ODL’s role in creating opportunities for people of every creed and background, especially working adults, to study as they work, is an invaluable effort towards the democratisation of education,” she said in her speech.

OUM’s president/vice chancellor Prof Datuk Dr. Mansor Fadzil said being an open university is to be a trendsetter in higher education.

“Whichever way people prefer to learn, whatever circumstances they face, we provide something they can use and benefit from.

“The whole concept of an open university is based on two terms – flexibility and convenience. We do our level best to ensure flexibility and convenience in the programmes we offer, in the delivery of the programmes and also the support services that we provide,” he said.

The conference was attended by about 150 scholars, including those from regional countries. The three main areas of focus was – innovations and technology in education, assessment in the 21st century and access to education and lifelong learning.


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