His responsibilities range from preparing apparatuses, samples and reagents in the laboratory to writing articles on football for Semuanya BOLA. Gary Hardin Lugard, 37, plans to continue doing amazing things in life.

 Lugard, who has been a school laboratory assistant for 12 years now, enjoys teaching and interacting with students in the lab.

“A lab assistant is just like any other teacher. Sometimes, students come directly to me with their questions, especially during practical sessions in the science lab,” says the Sarawakian, who loves teaching science.

In 2010, Lugard was awarded the Excellent Service Award for outstanding commitment to his duties as a lab assistant, an achievement he is very proud of.

A fan of Manchester United and Sarawak football clubs, this OUM alumnus started writing about local and international matches after completing his Bachelor of Education (Science) with Honours programme in 2016.

“I usually post my football-related writings on Facebook. One day, one of these postings went viral and a senior editor from Semuanya BOLA approached me for permission to publish it on their website,” shares Lugard, who has three children.

Shortly after that, Semuanya BOLA, which is a popular website managed by a digital media company that covers local and international news on the world’s most popular sport, offered him a job as a part-time writer. He took it on with enthusiasm and was soon promoted to part-time editor.

“It’s not easy to commit to two jobs as they both require full commitment. I usually write at night and over the weekends. I find this manageable since I have passion for both,” says Lugard who dreams of receiving an award from the Sports Writers’ Association of Malaysia someday.

Lugard says he frequently reflects on how fortunate he is to have attended OUM. “It has changed my perspective, boosted my confidence, sharpened my problem-solving skills, and most importantly, taught me how to live life by doing what I want, the way I like it.”

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