International Institute of Health Science (IIHS), Sri Lanka’s premier healthcare education institute, has made history by producing the largest ever batch of nursing graduates in a single year.  A total of 200 nurses flew to Malaysia recently to obtain their Bachelors in Nursing Science from the Open University of Malaysia (OUM). This has been praised by local administrators for providing quality education to the nurses of Sri Lanka.

The graduation which was attended by family members and friends of the graduates, proved to be a grand occasion of celebration and accomplishment and a fitting testament to IIHS’ leadership as a pioneering healthcare sector educator in the country.

While the graduates will have numerous career development opportunities in Sri Lanka, they will also have ample opportunity both locally and internationally to further their education by enrolling into Masters and PhD programmes with their critical thinking, leadership skills and management capabilities honed at IIHS.

Commenting on this landmark achievement Dr. Kithsiri Edirisinghe (MBBS, MSc, MD (Medical Administration), Founder/ CEO/ Director Academics, Strategy and International Affairs, IIHS, said: “This is a milestone for nursing education in Sri Lanka. IIHS has singlehandedly equipped local nurses to match the international standards within a very short period of time.”

“What we are doing at IIHS could transform Sri Lanka to an educational hub for nurses where international healthcare programmes are conducted for nurses in the Asian region. This would not only improve the quality of the respective healthcare systems of these countries, but will also generate foreign exchange for them due to the demand for their nurses in developed countries,” Dr. Edirisinghe added.

Thus far over 50 IIHS students have been employed as registered nurses in countries such as the UK, Australia and Europe with the option of completing their higher studies while working.

IIHS being Sri Lanka’s only end-to-end healthcare sector educator, provides support for the visa processes of students who are travelling abroad at no added cost, through their sister company GHC Global, enabling student nurses to reach their educational and professional goals.

With a great understanding of the frugal life that surrounds nursing, IIHS has made programmes accessible to all, through the availability of the Learner Management System (LMS) whilst providing tabs (free of charge) to students to access content from anywhere in Sri Lanka. By providing education at their finger-tips IIHS grants immense flexibility to students. The IIHS academic and administrative staff are ever willing to go that extra mile to ensure that students meet their educational goals.

As Sri Lanka’s premier International University Learning Center (IULC), IIHS for over 18 years has offered programmes ranging from Certificates to PhDs. The programmes are offered in partnership with leading global universities securing pathways and opportunities for students to realise their international dreams at an affordable price.

IIHS is a front runner in adopting new trends in education providing a multitude of choices and opportunities to its student community. IIHS also aligns with the multiversity concept where IIHS will not only work with OUM but also with a number of highly ranked UK-based universities to offer nursing degrees to local and regional students.

IIHS believes in empowering Sri Lankan nurses and nurses in the Asian region by developing their professional skills while improving their personalities.

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