Opening Minds at BUKA Conference

Some of our academics took part in the BUKA conference at Wawasan Open University (WOU) from 17 to 18 October. The BUKA project is co-funded by the European Union’s ERASMUS+ programme. The theme of the conference was “Advancing Equity and Access to Higher Education Through Open and Distance Learning”.

Faculty of Education Dean Dr Aliza Ali delivered a compelling presentation on enhancing inclusivity through technology. She explored various pedagogical approaches designed to accommodate diverse learning styles. Her focus was on integrating technology in education to create a more inclusive learning environment. She emphasised the importance of understanding the unique needs of each student and adapting teaching methods accordingly.

In a similar vein, Faculty of Education Senior Lecturer Dr Harvinder Kaur Dharam Singh presented an insightful paper on inclusive assessment. She delved into the intricacies of creating assessment items that are tailored to the diverse needs of students. Her work highlighted the importance of not only evaluating students’ knowledge but also catering to their individual learning paths and challenges.

Meanwhile, Faculty of Technology & Applied Sciences Associate Professor Dr Thirumeni Subramaniam presented on “Promoting Openness and Active Participation through OUM Local Pilot under the BUKA Programme”.  She shared how, through an OUM pilot project under BUKA, the university’s academics were trained on learning analytics, best pedagogical practices, and the development of instructional videos.

The pilot project sought to enhance the academics’ skills so that they could help different types of students learn better. The project showed that OUM is dedicated to creating an environment where everyone can be involved in learning.

The work of these academics at the BUKA conference showed how much OUM cares about making education open to everyone. Their presentations didn’t just mention what’s happening now, but also showed a plan for making education better for all kinds of learners in the future.