Postgrads Get Tips on Writing for High-Impact Journals

If you are a postgraduate wishing to publish your research, you face an important decision – to submit your paper to a journal that is high-impact or average. High-impact journals usually have a longer wait for the peer review decision and a higher risk of major changes being required or even rejection. In contrast, if you submit to an average journal, the decision-making is faster and there is lesser risk of having to make major changes.

However, having your article published in a top journal will give your research greater recognition, visibility, and chances of getting cited.

To help OUM postgraduate learners, the OUM Graduate Centre (OUMGC) hosted a session on publishing in high-impact journals at Menara OUM in Kelana Jaya on 3 June. The session was conducted by Prof Dr Aminul Islam from Universiti Malaysia Perlis.

In the session, he emphasised the importance of publishing among postgraduate learners, who invest a significant amount of time in conducting research and analysing data to complete their studies. He said that publication of their research would enable them to share their ideas, stories and expertise related to their research topic. Meanwhile, publishing in a high-impact journal would allow them to build their reputation, enhance their career prospects, and on a wider scale, contribute to the betterment of society.

Prof Dr Aminul added that it is essential for them to stay updated with the latest research and advancements in their field. He explained that keeping abreast of emerging topics and methodologies could help them to identify research gaps and contribute original and impactful work to the academic community.

OUMGC, under the leadership of its Director, Associate Professor Dr Shishi Kumar Piaralal, conducts value-added workshops to help postgraduate learners in their studies, besides assisting them in navigating OUM’s fully online environment.