If you have a passion for sharing knowledge, are dedicated in helping others grow intellectually and socially, and are keen on specialising in specific academic subjects, consider becoming an educator.

A career as an educationist is more than being a teacher or lecturer. You can even take up professions such as a curriculum designer, counsellor, writer, researcher, and other interesting occupations. As such, studying the field of social sciences might appeal to you.

The social sciences covers scientific study of society, how and why people behave the way they do, as individuals and as groups. Psychology, communication and linguistics come under the study of social sciences. These disciplines provide fascinating insights into our everyday lives and help scholars develop a wide range of transferable skills that include research, analytical ability, and a flexible and adaptable approach to learning. Through these, one can develop their creative, teamwork, self organisation and communication abilities, which are all essential across the employment spectrum.

Students with interest in these areas can explore the Faculty of Education and Social Sciences (FESS), which is a vibrant Faculty offering a diverse range of nine undergraduate and eleven postgraduate programmes. Visit for detailed information.

Among the programmes at OUM, three offer different levels of qualifications in Early Childhood Education – the Diploma in Early Childhood Education (DEHE); the Bachelor of Early Childhood Education with Honours (BECHE); and the Master of Early Childhood Education (MECHE).

These programmes are ideal for those who would like to work with kids. Do note that it takes a big heart to shape little minds. Although teaching a whole classroom of children may be challenging, it can also be exciting and fulfilling.

Students who are interested in building a career where they can work with children, can put in an application via the standard procedures which require formal qualifications. Another alternative is by way of accreditation of prior experiential learning (APEL), where knowledge and previous working experience is considered.

As a professional dedicated to nurturing and educating children in their earliest phase of life, the opportunities to progress further are limitless for those called to this noble profession. For more information, visit the OUM website, email or call +603-7801 2000.