Study Visit for Principals from the Maldives


A study visit was conducted for 15 participants from the Maldives recently. It was organised by OUM’s International Partnership Unit together with the Ministry of Education of the Maldives and was held from 30 January to 7 February. The 15 participants comprised principals, deputy principals and senior analysts.

During the study visit, the participants went to 6 different schools in the Klang Valley to learn how the schools catered to different needs. They also engaged in sharing sessions which allowed them to compare the education systems of Maldives and Malaysia and discover best practices.

Conducting study visits for international partners is one of OUM’s “go global” efforts. The University caters to various institutions from other countries, from both the public and private sectors.

This is in addition to OUM’s partnership with institutions of higher learning in more than 10 other countries to provide its degree programmes.