Shu Yi (left) and Shu Min (right) on their special day.

In 2009, Chooi Choi Leng graduated with a Bachelor of Education (Teaching of English as a Second Language) with Honours. Five years later, she convinced her twin daughters, Chew Shu Yi and Chew Shu Min, to also further their studies at OUM. Thanks to their mother’s encouragement, the twins enrolled at the Ipoh Learning Centre – Shu Yi in Bachelor of Management (BIM) and Shu Min in Bachelor of Human Resource Management (BHRM).

“We have always been each other’s biggest cheerleader and toughest critic, so to share this proud moment of graduating with my partner in crime is fun,” says Shu Yi. Adds Shu Min, “I’m happy that I graduated with my twin. It is such a relief as it feels as though we have finished a marathon together.”

The twins, who self-funded their studies, believed they needed to excel so as to not let their investment go to waste. “The money that we put into our studies is what pushed us the most even during our toughest times,” they say.

“Every time we got tired or exhausted, we talked about things and came up with a solid plan, a clear routine and schedule to drive us together and forward,” shares Shu Yi.

Both found their respective programmes interesting. Says Shu Min, “I chose BHRM because I had previously worked in a human resource department and loved it. The learning process was interesting. I had assignments that I’m proud of even though I didn’t get high marks because I learnt and applied something new in my life.”

Shu Yi adds, “I could see some aspects of the BIM programme being applied at work and it has helped me in my career. The programme was definitely my best choice. Some tutors influenced me in ways I never thought possible. Without them or the e-learning facilities, I honestly do not know how I could have survived or even aced a lot of the subjects.” On their future plans, Shu Min, who is the more outgoing of the two, says, “I want to start saving again because all my money has gone into financing my studies. Improving my social life is another priority.”

Meanwhile, Shu Yi, who is an avid reader, wishes to pursue a master’s degree in the near future. “I hope I can grow more in my job as an administrative and accounts assistant.”

Source: OUMeducation Sept-Oct 2019 issue