When you see something you want, like a new job opportunity or an exclusive item, do you find yourself asking these questions: Is it the right fit? Can I afford it? Do I qualify? Is this in line with my aspirations?

Those wondering if they have what it takes to sign up for higher education often have similar doubts. If you have been working for a while and do not have the standard paper qualifications, you may think that you can never enter a university.

But what you may not know is that there is a solution to your predicament. That solution is APEL (Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning).

What is APEL and what can it do for you?

APEL is a process that allows an individual with formal or non-formal experience to be assessed for two purposes: as an alternative entrance qualification known as APEL for Admission or APEL (A), or for award of credits, known as APEL for Credits or APEL (C).

With APEL, you can enrol in a diploma, bachelor or master’s degree programme even without an SPM certificate.

How is this possible? The answer is APEL (A). Through APEL (A), you can enrol in the programme of your choice, as long as you pass the APEL assessment that determines your level of competency and capability. The assessment instruments adopted by OUM have been approved by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA).

When you apply for APEL (A), you will have to sit for an aptitude test that assesses your understanding of basic knowledge. You must also prepare a strong portfolio to show all your formal, non-formal and informal experiences.

Additionally, you must provide information about where you have previously studied and worked, and declare language skills. You must also state why you want to study and provide supporting references and evidence.

On the other hand, APEL (C) enables your experiences to be measured against learning outcomes in a particular course, and if eligible, you will be awarded credits for a particular programme.

Open University Malaysia (OUM) is one of only a few institutions appointed by the MQA that can implement both APEL (A) and APEL (C). In fact, OUM is the first institution to be granted approval to implement this system in 2006.

At OUM, all courses can be assessed for APEL (C), and candidates can gain a maximum 30% of credits in a particular programme. This means that in a 120-credit hour bachelor’s degree programme, eligible learners can skip up to 36 credits of their studies.

Imagine how fantastic it would be if you could complete your studies faster, saving you money and time, and thus make your educational investment even more worthwhile.

If you are one of many working adults in Malaysia dreaming of obtaining a degree while you work, enrolling at OUM via APEL might be the answer for you.

Part-time study, weekend classes, an online learning management system and conveniently located learning centres throughout the country are just a few of the advantages OUM offers our learners.

So give us a call, write us an e-mail or drop by for a visit, and find out more about APEL at OUM. Remember that your experience counts, and together we can make your higher education dreams a reality.

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